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How Long Will My Dog Act Weird After Grooming?


How Long Will My Dog Act Weird After Grooming?

At the end of the grooming session, you may find yourself hugging a new and clean version of your pet. But what if your dog stops acting the same? That begs the question—”How long will my dog act weird after grooming?” In this article, we’ll tackle the knowledge you need to know before grooming your pet, as well as what to do if your dog is traumatized. 

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How long will my dog act weird after grooming?

You will find your dog acting strange if the reduction of fur is odd to them. If they don’t like the experience of having the groomers cut their nails too short or having accidental cuts made on their skin, they will also be traumatized after a grooming session.

Some like their coat being cut off because it was matted, and some will hate it because it will be more cold and chilly. A grumpy dog is almost always expected after taking them to the groomers. However, this does not last long—a few hours or a few weeks, depending on what your dog’s temperament is like.

Even though grooming is essential, many pets don’t enjoy the feeling of being groomed. However, you must put them through the process to become more positive-behaving dogs and help them reach their maturity.

How long will my dog act weird after grooming?

How to prevent a traumatic grooming experience?

Grooming brings about the most essential benefits of raising a pet. Although having your pet groomed will help their mental health, sometimes it destroys it and ends up being a traumatic event for them. You can do certain things to help your dog avoid acting strangely after a day at the groomers, such as:

How to prevent a traumatic grooming experience?

Plan Regular Grooming Appointments

This is beneficial for your dog’s coat as well as behavior. It helps get rid of any mats or knots that are forming at the earliest and also allows the canine to get used to the process of grooming.

Visit The Vet

In case of anxiety attacks or any reaction that’s overblown during grooming, the veterinarian will be able to help your dog by providing medication to help with stress. They can also offer supplements or natural remedies to help your dog cope.

Frequent Brushing

Brushing will help your dog understand how the process feels and will not scare them. They will grow accustomed to having people touch sensitive areas and will no longer panic.

Provide Support & Comfort

You are required to be there for your dog during times that are stressful, such as this one. Seeing your face may just help them feel calmer, and cuddles and kisses will help them feel much better much quicker.

Why is dog grooming vital?

Grooming is one factor that comes in the package when you get a dog. You cannot raise your pet without taking it to the groomers once in a while to freshen up. It is necessary for a pet because it enhances their well-being and health in general.

Taking your dog to the groomers will help eliminate any type of shedding, ticks, fleas, and other health problems. If your pet is facing any issues, but they seem invisible to you, grooming them will allow you to find out what exactly is bothering them, as diseases can be underlying. Other benefits include:

Why is dog grooming vital?

Fur Maintenance 

We observe, in a lot of movies, where the dog gets sprayed down with a hose, and people call that a day and believe their dog is clean. Although we all want an easier way out, dogs require seasoned grooming to help them get rid of shedding and fleas.

Your dog may look clean, but if it’s a hairy dog, it can have a lot of stuck undercoats and want to come out. If your dog’s hair is not brushed regularly, it’ll end up getting tangled and cause mats. Grooming is essential to help your dog avoid the pain and discomfort created by matting.

Joint Pain Relief

Like human nails, dogs’ also grow. Sometimes we like to paint them and make the dog’s feet look pretty without thinking about the discomfort long nails will put them through. Dogs experience a lot of joint pain due to nails that are not being cut

Because this is a widespread issue with regard to dogs, grooming has become one of the best ways to avoid it. Some dogs even walk messily because of their rumpled pads. Trimming their nails helps them by preventing the nails from curling. This also is beneficial as germs cannot enter through the nails. 

Detect Preventable Diseases

If you are consistent in taking your pet to grooming sessions, another beneficial factor is the detection of any underlying issues, as mentioned earlier. For example, if the dog suffers from infections or inflammations, rashes, lumps, or lesions, a groomer can find them and tell you immediately.

It’s for these sorts of issues to remain naked in the eyes of the owner, but with the help of a groomer, they can detect it quickly and seek help. The treatment process can become shorter, and the effectiveness will improve. Therefore, a combination of regular exercise and regular visits to the vet will ensure that your dog lives a long life.


An excellent-smelling pet is great to have around. Spending the day at the groomers can even beneficially enhance their behavior and how they react to stressful situations. It’s essentially like a spa day for dogs and will help them relax and stay calm throughout the process.

Once your dog grows accustomed to grooming, you must take them for regular sessions. This will help your dog’s groomer keep an eye out for any underlying conditions. Subsequently, you can visit the vet and get your buddy out of harm’s way quicker and more efficiently.

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