Tim Smith

Founder And Owner Of dogaspet.com

Introducing Tim Smith, aka the “Dog Whisperer” (according to their furry best friend). With over 5 years of experience writing for dog blogs, Tim is basically a canine expert.

As the proud owner of a four-legged furball themselves, they’ve got plenty of firsthand experience with all things dog-related – from slobbery kisses to midnight walks. 

And if you need proof that they know their stuff, just check out dogaspet.com – the online hub they created for fellow pup parents. From tips on keeping your pooch healthy to product reviews that will make your tail wag, this site has it all.

So whether you’re a seasoned pet pro or just starting out in the world of dog ownership, Tim is here to help you navigate the wonderful (and sometimes wacky) world of pups.

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