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Is Lavender Pillow Spray Safe For Dogs? Answered!


Is Lavender Pillow Spray Safe For Dogs

Ah, the sweet smell of lavender! I’ve been spritzing it on my pillow for years and it sure does help me sleep like a baby. But what about my dog? Is this aroma safe for him too?

Well, unfortunately, lavender contains Linlool which is toxic to cats and dogs. Although it’s toxic, mild exposure won’t cause any harm and can even help reduce anxiety and stress in some cases.

However, if you’re still feeling unsure about using the spray around your pup, you may want to read our article further…

What does lavender pillow spray do to dogs?

The confusion! One minute you’re reading that lavender is bad for dogs, then the next it’s good. So what’s really going on?

Well, it all comes down to concentration: too much lavender can lead to poisoning.

On the other hand, a study on PubMed found that lavender can help pups relax! Male or female, neutered or not, all dogs were more chill when the scent of lavender was in the air.

So if your pup is hyperactive, it could be the perfect remedy!

Simply put, if you use lavender pillow spray, do not overdo it.

What does lavender pillow spray do to dogs

What are the symptoms of lavender poisoning in dogs?

Did you spray a bit too much lavender on your pillow? If you’re worried your pup might have taken a whiff of too much, look out for signs like:

5 symptoms of lavender poisoning in dogs

If your dog experiences one of these signs, then it’s time to hightail to the vet, or an emergency vet if it’s out of hours. Treatment usually involves an intravenous tube to get fluids in, oxygen, and some antihistamines.

What if you accidentally sprayed lavender spray on your dog?

As long as your dog doesn’t show any signs of toxicity afterward (see signs above), you should be alright. To be extra safe though, just them off with lukewarm and keep a close eye out for anything strange.

If something does seem off, head to the vet right away! We, humans, can even get a reaction from the wrong essential oil, so best to be on the safe side.

My dog licked lavender oil, is that more severe?

Well, licking can absorb more of the oil than touching would, and while lavender isn’t too toxic for dogs, it does contain Linlool. Essential oils tend to have a higher concentration of this stuff, so we recommend keeping an eye on your dog and consulting with a vet if there are any signs of discomfort that we stated above.

Bottom line, our dogs can often find themselves in strange situations, so the best thing you can do is stay informed about what’s safe and what’s not. That way you can prevent any uncomfortable moments for them (and avoid a trip to the vet!).

What if you accidentally sprayed lavender spray on your dog

Is dried lavender safe for dogs?

Is it safe for dogs to be around dried lavender? Well, some people like using this in a sachet or on sprigs as an alternative to lavender spray or oils. While it still contains the toxic compound linalool, mild exposure shouldn’t cause any harm.

Just watch out if your pup gets close, they could end up eating it and give themselves an upset stomach. So, it’s okay in moderation but don’t let them chow down on the lavender, keep it out of reach to be extra safe!

Is lavender and chamomile pillow spray safe for dogs?

A lot of pillow sprays include chamomile, so besides lavender, is this safe? Well, the good news is yes! Chamomile, when used in moderation, can be a great natural remedy for dogs.

It’s known to help reduce anxiety and stress, soothe itchy skin even support healthy digestion. However, like with lavender spray, you should never overdo it and keep an eye on your pup as too much can cause some mild side effects like vomiting, diarrhea, and skin irritation.

Is lavender and chamomile pillow spray safe for dogs

Is dr teals sleep spray safe for dogs?

One of the most used sleeping sprays is Dr. Teal’s sleeping spray. It contains melatonin, chamomile, and lavender. We discussed the side effects of chamomile and lavender earlier, so what about melatonin?

Well, melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone, that has been used as a sleep aid for humans and even has been proven to work on dogs too. According to AKC, there aren’t any adverse side effects, there are rare cases where it can lead to fertility changes, stomach cramps or gastric upset, increased heart rate, itching, and confusion.

Similar to our other recommendations, look out for any signs of discomfort in your dog. Even us humans experience side effects with melatonin, so it’s best to keep an eye on your dog the first time using it.

Is dr teals sleep spray safe for dogs

Final thoughts – A Restful Night

Changes are small your dog will be impacted by your pillow spray, but taking extra caution with lavender and chamomile is always a good idea, especially the first time using new pillow sprays.

And don’t forget, your pup’s nose is more sensitive than yours, so go easy on the amount of spray you use! That way everyone can get a restful night!

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