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Are Dog Thinning Shears The Same As Human? (Complete Guide)


Are dog thinning shears the same as human?

Are you a pet groomer or dog owner looking for answers about thinning shears and their use on your canine companion? We know this is an important question, because different types of scissors can have different effects on the coat of a dog.

To help clear up any confusion, we’ve put together this must-read guide to answer all your questions regarding the much-debated topic of using human thinning shears vs. specialized dog thinning shears.

In it we’ll cover what makes both types unique, which is best for certain cases, and how to choose between them. Keep reading to make sure you’re getting the most out of grooming products that will keep your pup looking—and feeling—their absolute best!

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What is the difference between Human and dog thinning shears?

When comparing dog thinning shears and human shears, there are both similarities and differences. Dog thinning shears typically have smaller blades than their counterparts for humans – making them easier to handle around a pup’s fur.

Additionally, many of these canine-specific tools feature an ergonomic design in order to prevent hand fatigue from occurring during grooming sessions.

The primary distinction between the two types lies within the tooth count; with fewer teeth on dog shearing products, it allows for smoother cuts while simultaneously reducing hair breakage or pulling altogether.

Can you use human thinning shears on dogs?

Can You Use Human Thinning Shears On Dogs?

While there are various canine-specific grooming products on the market, some may ask the question: can you use human thinning shears on dogs?

If you’re considering using human grooming tools instead of specialized ones for dogs, thinning shears can be an option – but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Firstly, make sure the shears you select are created with hair – not skin – in mind. Be extra cautious when trimming your pup’s fur and avoid cutting their delicate skin.

It is possible to use typical thinning shears on Fido, yet it might be better (and safer) to opt for specific products made solely for canine groomers!

Can You Use Human Thinning Shears On Dogs?

What Are Thinning Shears Used for?

Thinning shears are specially crafted for thinning hair and feature a broad, jagged blade that delicately removes bulkiness from your dog’s mane. These scissors can be used on either dry or wet locks; however, working with dampened strands is most effective.

When utilizing the tool to achieve an even look, it’s essential to start small with strategic snips instead of cutting off too much at once – this will help you dodge any unsightly unevenness! Proper use of these shears results in a polished style every time.

How To Use Thinning Shears On Dogs?

If you’ve decided to use thinning shears on your pup’s fur, there are a few things that need to be taken into consideration.

First and foremost, ensure the pair of shears you select is specifically designed for hair – not skin! Additionally, always keep an eye out for any signs of cutting too close – we don’t want those extraordinary eyes in pain or at risk.

With these two precautions held firmly in mind as you trim away with your trusty shears described below, it’ll allow for safe and successful grooming:

How To Use Thinning Shears On Dogs?

Choosing The Best Thinning Shears For Dogs

When looking for the best thinning shears for your dog, there are a few things to consider. First, you’ll want to make sure the shears are the right size for your dog. Smaller shears are best suited for small dogs, medium-sized shears are recommended for medium-sized dogs, and large shears should be used on large dogs.

Next, consider the type of coat your dog has. Shears designed specifically for short or long coats can provide better results than regular shears.

Last but not least, decide which style of shears works best for you needs—straight or curved. Straight shears tend to work well for all types of general trimming needs and curved shears work well in hard-to-reach areas.

Taking into account all of these factors can help ensure that you find the best thinning shears possible for your pup!

Here are some recommendations:

  • For medium and large dogs
  • 7″ thinning shears
  • 50 teeth for a detailed touch
  • Extra durability
  • Comfortable grip
  • Hand-forged
  • Great for smaller dogs
  • 6 inch
  • 28 teeth
  • Comfortable grip


It is quite possible to safely groom your pup with human thinning shears, though there are a few essential points to remember. Firstly, select shears that were crafted for use on hair instead of skin. Secondly, take care not to inadvertently clip your dog’s delicate skin while trimming their fur.

We still recommend purchasing a pair of shears made specifically for your pup’s breed and coat type. They are usually more precise, come equipped with extra features, and can be easier to use than regular thinning shears.

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