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The Teddy Bear Schnauzer Haircut (Best Haircut For Miniature Schnauzers)


The German Schnauzers, or “whiskered snouts”, are well-liked by families, not only because of their cute, bushy eyebrows and beard but also because of the incredible companionship these dogs provide. So, if you own a Schnauzer, it’s probably because of how versatile they are as guard dogs, hunting dogs, or simply as your evening walk buddy.

These bright and fearless creatures can get along well with children and other animals, so they are ideal for families with children and other pets. Their coats are wiry in fashion, giving them the signature beard that makes them look almost human-like.

Teddy Bear Schnauzer Haircut

The teddy bear Schnauzer haircut is a typical haircut that owners get to ensure the dog’s hair is of equal length all over the body. The Schnauzer breed is divided into three kinds, such as the mid-size Standard Schnauzer, the Miniature Schnauzer, and the Giant Schnauzer.

How should a miniature Schnauzer cut hair? Good to know that each of these types of dogs, big or small, looks great with the teddy bear haircut. Here is everything you need to know about the teddy bear Schnauzer haircut, including the best haircuts for miniature and giant Schnauzers. 

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What is a Schnauzer teddy bear cut?

The teddy bear cut is a dog haircut in which the hair is cut, and a length of 1-2 inches is kept on every part of the dog’s face and body. This cut will make your Schnauzer buddy look adorable and cuddlesome. Because these dogs usually look rough because of their wiry hair, this look actually softens their appearance.

What is a Schnauzer teddy bear cut?

The Schnauzer’s ears will be left untouched, but the pet parent can pick any length they wish for their dog’s hair. This cut helps Schnauzers get rid of their serious looks, as a close-shaved face will make them seem more dignified and show-dog-like. With the teddy bear haircut, your Schnauzer can look more delicate, and the unshaved ears give them an extra fluff.

Instead of the traditionally square-looking shape of the dog’s head, the teddy bear Schnauzer haircut is trimmed with a more ball-like style. The name of the cut comes from how cute the dogs look with this haircut, just like a teddy bear. When going to groomers with the right skills, your dog’s face can be shaped into a round and plump appearance, making them look just like a puppy. 

Best Haircuts for Miniature and Giant Schnauzers. 

The Schnauzer looks the cutest with a dazzling haircut. But, it’s essential to give them the right cut. So, if you’re unsure about which look to go for, here are the top haircut styles for Schnauzers—both mini and giant. Let’s start with the adorable puppy cut! 

Puppy Cut

This is a universal furry cut that screams ‘adorable’. It works on most breeds, and your Schnauzer is no exception. This style has a cut of the same length across the body, making them look sweet and fluffy at the same time. 

The puppy haircut is hands down one of the cutest giant and mini-Schnauzer haircut styles as it brings out the puppy-like features of your furry pal. 

Stylish Pants 

This name alone should be enough to turn your head around, and the best part is that the cut looks exactly what it sounds like—’stylish’. This haircut follows a short-trimmed pattern over the entire body, while the hair on the legs is left long and curly.

Just keep in mind to occasionally brush out the furry leg area to prevent mats. Other than that, this haircut maxes out the limit when it comes to stylish mini and giant Schnauzer haircuts. 

2. Stylish Pants 

Traditional Schnauzer Cut

Yes, everyone wants a modern haircut nowadays for their furry babies. But, trust us, every Schnauzer needs the classic, traditional Schnauzer cut at least once in their life. 

This look follows a very systematic pattern with shorter hair around the body, neck, and head region, while the legs are kept longer with a more layered texture and rounded paws. Typically, the eyebrows and beards are also left longer than the rest. The traditional cut works for every Schnauzer as it keeps the dog looking neat and adorable without going over the top. 

3. Traditional Schnauzer Cut

Can a Schnauzer’s shaved beard grow back?

The name Schnauzer is infamously associated with ‘beard’. After all, this long, fluffy fur that runs along the snout and over the chin is what builds a schnauzer’s character, and one can say it’s part of their charm. However, Schnauzers are not committed to their beard for a lifetime. 

Can a Schnauzer's shaved beard grow back?

It so happens that sometimes pet parents decide to give their furry Schnauzer a mini trim or completely shave it off. So, this leaves us with the question, “Can it grow back, and how long will it take?”

Yes, of course, a Schnauzer’s whiskers and beard will grow back. It doesn’t matter if it’s shaved or trimmed too short. But the regrowth period highly depends on the dog as well. So, whether it’s a giant shaved Schnauzer or a mini-Schnauzer, the regrowth will take anywhere from 5 to 24 weeks. 

The regrowth process will mainly depend on the health of the dog, the beard length, how fast the hair typically grows, and the age of the dog. Usually, it takes around 6–8 weeks before the hair growth can be seen properly. 

Can a Schnauzer's shaved beard grow back?

Moreover, it takes longer for a Schnauzer to grow the hair around their nose and snout. As the hair grows around this region, it’s natural for it to stand in all directions. But once it fully grows, it should be able to lie flat and create a middle path down the ridge.


Sure, dogs can look cute no matter what. However, you must consider the maintenance of fur shedding and avoid the consequences of matted hair. Maintaining a Schnauzer’s long hair is a challenging task so that you can use the haircuts mentioned earlier to style your pet in the best way!

Get your Schnauzer buddy ready for the groomers and tell them precisely what you want. Whether it’s the crowd-favorite teddy bear Schnauzer haircut, or the traditional haircut, you can try out all of the haircuts on your dog in time. You simply need to make sure to choose a hairstyle that makes your doggy friend feel comfortable. 

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