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Can You Put Dog Poop in the Green Bin? (Manage Your Pup’s Waste) 


Can You Put Dog Poop in the Green Bin

If you’re a dog owner, you know that being with your animal companion isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Yes, there’s no denying you’re in for a lifetime of outdoor adventures with your pet. However, sometimes you’d wake up with a huge pile of dog poop in your yard.

And what do you do about this? Will you clean your dog’s business up over and over, with no end in sight? What if we tell you there’s an alternative to endless pooper scooper cleaning – by disposing of your pet’s number 2 in the green bin! 

In this article, we’ll dive deep into whether you can really put your dog’s poop in the recycle bin. Plus, look forward to other helpful tips we’ve compiled to make canine dung disposal a whole lot easier. 

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Can Dog Poop Really Go in the Green Bin? 

Are you a dog owner striving hard to become more environmentally conscious? Maybe you’re looking for eco-friendly ways to dispose of your pup’s business besides using tons and tons of plastic bags. Well, you can definitely go green by throwing your pet’s poo in the green bin! 

Can Dog Poop Really Go in the Green Bin

Yes, you’ve read that right. You can actually put your beloved dog’s dung in green waste bins. For reference, these bins are also known as composting or organic waste bins. They’re used worldwide to dispose of biodegradable materials, such as food scraps and organic matter. 

Your pup’s poop can definitely go with these, so there’s no reason to fret. In fact, the City of Toronto even mentioned that putting your pet’s number 2 in the green bin can be beneficial. Mixing it with other organic matter, like table waste and garden clippings, can result in compost dense in nutrients! 

This is thanks to the commercial composting process, which breaks down any bacteria or pathogens in your dog’s poo. However, note that despite this amazing procedure, you should still be mindful of how you put your pet’s waste in the green bin. Learn how to do so by reading the tips below: 

How You should Throw Away Dog Poop In A Green Bin

Alternative Dog Poop Waste Management Tips

Putting your beloved pet’s poop in the green bin is a great way to be more environmentally friendly. However, there are times when trash cans designated for organic waste are unavailable in your area. What will you do, then? 

We’ve anticipated this scenario, so you don’t have to stress yourself out. Read on to find other ways to dispose of your pup’s poo without compromising Mother Earth. 

Worm Farming

Worm Farming

When it comes to being an uncommon waste disposal method, worm farming definitely takes the cake. But don’t let this stop you from trying out this process – it’s one of the best ways you can do to dispose of dog poop. Why? 

Because as the name suggests, this process utilizes worms to break down your dog’s excrement. These worms gradually break down the waste while providing vitamins and minerals back into the soil. Plus, they also produce worm castings, which are biologically-beneficial soil products on their own. The result is a nutrient-rich compost that you can use to plant the loveliest gardens! 

To help you start a worm farm to dispose of your canine’s poop, check out the basic process below: 

Worm Farming Process in 6 Steps

Dog Waste Digesters

Dog Waste Digesters

This do-it-yourself waste disposal system is yet another great alternative to green bins. This is especially the case if you have several dogs around or if you want a long-term method to handle your pet’s poop. It’s also ideal if you possess a plot of land with free-draining soil. 

Basically, dog waste digesters are loos sunken into the earth. It’s filled to the bottom with gravel or stones that serve as a drainage system. Think this sounds intimidating and hard to do? Well, you couldn’t be any more wrong. 

All you need to do is dig a large pit, ideally a meter deep. You can create a bigger and deeper hole, especially if you’re a fur parent for several canines. Afterward, you can throw some gravel and a layer of small stones at the bottom, ensuring it won’t occupy too much space. 

And there you have it – your pets’ personal waste digester. Don’t forget to add a dog loo activator once you’ve collected your dogs’ waste to speed up the breaking down process. Plus, throw in torn-up corrugated cardboard now and then to lessen the smell. Sawdust, leaves, and other organic materials can also prevent unpleasant scents. 

Of course, remember to put in some cover to avoid your DIY disposal from closing in due to the elements. Once you’ve filled up your old hole, you can create a new one that will last you several years! 

Bokashi System

Bokashi System

If you’re looking for one of the quickest ways to dispose of your dog’s poop, then using the Bokashi system is the key. It’s a Japanese waste management method that converts your pet’s poop into a usable material in only ten days! This is contrary to other disposal processes that take weeks to work. 

The cherry on top is that you can do it without even making a dent in your budget. All you need is a Bokashi bin, an airtight bucket with a spigot on the bottom. This is available online, but you can create one if you’re feeling creative. 

Here’s the brief Bokashi process to help you manage your pup’s waste easily: 

Bokashi Process In 4 Steps

Voila! You’ve disposed of your canine’s poop in just a few days. Don’t forget to repeat the step of adding the inoculant every time you throw in your beloved pet’s excrement. You can repeat the process as much as you need, but always drain the bin to prevent unwanted smells. 

Think these are the only methods you can rely on to dispose of dog poop? Well, you have plenty more options to choose from, so don’t forget to manage your canine’s waste properly.

For instance, you can rely on several other ways of composting or flush the poo down in your toilet. There’s also the option of throwing it in an outdoor dog poop trash can and maybe even crafting your own septic tank. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a few questions before we wrap things up; here are some of the most frequently asked:

Your canine’s waste is a type of compostable material, which means that it belongs in your compost bin. Putting it in a garbage bin will only yield several negative scenarios, such as other animals rummaging through it. 

However, if you decide to put your beloved pet’s poop into a compost bin, be aware that you’d have to take additional measures. For the poo to transform into useful compost, you’d first rely on a decomposing method such as worm farming or a dog waste digester. 

There are several ways to dispose of dog poop without maggots, most of them going the eco-friendly route. You can put your canine’s excrement in a compostable bag or  wrap it in newspaper before throwing it in the green bin. You can also perform other waste disposal tricks at home, like building a Bokashi system or taking up worm farming. 

Ensure you do all the steps correctly to avoid maggots from ever infesting your waste disposal system. Other options include throwing your dog’s poop in the toilet or exploring the different ways of making compost with it. 

The United States Environmental Agency (EPA) considers dog poop a biohazard. In fact, pet waste is in the same spectrum as toxic chemicals and oils, and for a good reason.

A gram of dog excrement contains an average of 23 million fecal coliform bacteria. It’s a dangerous bacteria that can harm humans in many ways, like giving them cramps, kidney illnesses, and intestinal disorders. Plus, it’s also an extreme contributor to water pollution, capable of contaminating water supplies.

In Conclusion – Does Dog Poop Belong in the Green Bin? 

So there you have it; the big question of whether dog poop can go into the green bin has been answered! You can definitely throw it in the organic waste bin because your canine’s number 2 is classified as such. However, ensure that your pet’s excrement is wrapped in compostable materials to avoid any issues. 

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