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Can You Flush Dog Poop Down The Toilet? (Answered By Experts)


Can You Flush Dog Poop Down The Toilet

It’s a question that plagues the minds of pet owners everywhere: can you flush dog poop down the toilet? The answer may surprise you, but experts say it is indeed allowed. As long as you don’t have any dog poop bags blocking up your pipes!

Let’s take a deeper dive into the subject and see what other experts have to say about the matter.

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Dog poop in the toilet – a good idea?

Flushing your pooch’s poop down the loo – is it a good idea? The US Environmental Protection Agency and the National Resources Defense Council (1) seem to think so. Keep in mind, it is strongly discouraged to flush with dog poop bags so let’s just focus on the waste itself here.

Not only is leaving pet waste on the ground unsightly and unpleasant, but it can also increase public health risks by allowing dangerous bacteria and nutrients to make their way into storm drains, eventually contaminating our local water sources. Flushing through the toilet is a much more efficient way to dispose of it.

But if you have a feline friend, don’t even think about flushing their droppings as they may contain a nasty parasite that can infect both humans and animals – yikes! So stick with throwing kitty litter in the bin.

But when it comes to your pup’s poopie, give the toilet a flush!

Dog poop in the toilet - a good idea?

4 Reasons why people flush their dog’s poop

Not really sure why people would want to flush their pup’s poop? Here are 4 reasons:


Flushing dog poop down the toilet is the ultimate convenience – no more holding your breath as you carry a stinky bin to the landfill! No more wrestling with bin liners or sprays. No more buying heavy bags of waste just to get rid of it.

With a flushing toilet, you can simply let gravity do what it does best and keep your hands (and nose) clean. Now that’s true convenience!

Flushing dog poop is much faster

Flushing your pup’s poo can give you a break from the tedious task of bagging and carrying it out to the bin! It’s truly a “poo-erful” method, as it’s a fast and easy process.

Even if your furry friend isn’t too fond of being scooped up after they do their business, at least you know that it won’t take long for the evidence to disappear down the toilet! Nowadays, even the most spoiled pup’s poop can be given the royal flush!

Environmental concerns

Dog poop has been a longstanding issue for many neighborhoods, and it’s not just about the smell. It turns out that our furry friends can be damaging to our environment if their beloved doodoo isn’t disposed of properly!

Dog poo is actually packed with bacteria and other toxins that can easily make their way into local water sources if left outside or thrown away in the ordinary trash. The best way to keep these contaminants from infiltrating our environment is by doing the unthinkable- flushing dog poop down the toilet!

Sure, it’s a bit gross, but the sewage plant will take care of all that messy business, providing us with clean rivers and streams as a result. Way to go, pups!


Lack of access to other disposal methods

Believe it or not, the options for getting rid of dog poop are actually quite limited – if you don’t have those little bins by tree corners, or access to a place close by where disposal is allowed, your best bet is probably just flushing it.

It sounds strange, yes, but all the other methods probably thought of would just make an even bigger mess. Don’t worry though – your pooch’s, uhm… “output” won’t clog up any plumbing systems anytime soon. But hey, if you’re really afraid of that ever happening down the road – maybe look into one of those outdoor poop trash cans?

Safest way to flush dog poop

Alright, let’s talk about the safest way to flush your pup’s poop. First things first – make sure you have plenty of toilet paper on hand, ’cause you’re gonna need it!

Next, take your pooch’s poo from the grass into the bathroom. Wearing gloves is a must, of course. Once you get to the toilet, give it a flush and then drop the poo in.

If you feel like there are still some remnants left behind after the water had stopped swirling, don’t worry – just add a few sheets of your trusty toilet paper and give it another flush. And voila!

Make sure to always flush twice, just to make sure everything goes down the drain, and don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly after.

Finally, if you’re still not comfortable with flushing dog poop, bear in mind that it is perfectly acceptable to throw it away in the regular trash, as long as you put it into a sealed bag.

Safest way to flush dog poop

3 Alternatives to flushing dog poop

If the thought of flushing your pup’s poo down the toilet doesn’t sit right with you, don’t worry! There are still plenty of alternatives – some more convenient than others.

In-ground septic tank system

In-ground septic tanks are a woofs-down way to dispose of your pup’s poop! Unlike flushing, they don’t rely on water pressure or any fancy flushing action – so even if you’re in an area that isn’t serviced by municipal sewage, you can still safely dispose of your pup’s poop.

The tanks are typically buried underground, helping to break down any organic materials – aka your pup’s poop – and prevent it from entering the local water supply.

Composting the dog poop

Composting dog poop is not only an environmentally-friendly way of dealing with doggy business, but it can also help give your garden a natural and organic boost! That’s right- adding some poo to the compost pile can provide valuable nutrients for your soil, allowing you to reap the rewards in terms of bigger and better harvests.

Just remember to steer clear of using the compost for edible gardening- those pesky parasites and pathogens can still be lurking!

Outdoor dog poop waste bin

Using an outdoor dog poop waste bin is the effective and hassle-free way to handle your pup’s presents. These bins come in all shapes and sizes but are always designed with airtight seals that work hard to contain any smelly surprises at bay until it can be collected and disposed of properly.

Plus, they’re usually mounted on a post so they are easy to spot when you need them! Now that’s a perfect solution for keeping your yard, and your nose, fresh.

Alternatives to flushing dog poop

Final thoughts – Flushing Dog Poop

So to conclude our article, flushing dog poop is generally accepted as a safe and effective disposal method, so long as you remember to not flush poop bags. However, if flushing does not feel right for you, there are plenty of alternatives that can help you safely take care of your pup’s poo.

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