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The Red French Bulldog (Origin, Appearance, and more!)


Red French Bulldog

Perhaps you’re searching for a friend to keep you company on the daily walks you go on? Maybe a family companion to safeguard the house but also play catch with? Well, the red French Bulldog is an incredibly charming watchdog that will adapt pretty well to either a family setting or a single-person owner.

They are small little beings that can spend most of their time inside without minding it. They are great for people who live in bustling cities and have small apartments, as they are very low-maintenance dogs. In this article, we will talk more in-depth about the red fawn French Bulldog and its various traits, including origin, personality, cost, etc. 

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Long ago, in the country of England, there were people who wanted to create a small-sized toy version of the Bulldog. This was how the French Bulldog came into existence, and they were usually popular among the French. Many lace workers from Nottingham wanted to move to France for better opportunities.

Naturally, they brought their tiny dog pals with them, which is how the French Bulldog fever went crazy. The breed thrived everywhere it was taken to, and its charm soon attracted the Americans. Since the year 1896, the Westminster Kennel Club has recognized it as an official batch.

Red french bulldog origin


A lot of people barely know what a French Bulldog looks like. If you’re one of them, you don’t need to worry. “What does a full grown red fawn French Bulldog look like?” Well, it’s a tiny dog that usually grows up to only 13 inches in height. Even though they are small, they are pretty muscular with a meaty, robust build.

This makes them quite heavy despite their small size, weighing up to 28 lbs. at most. Their faces look similar to Bulldogs, as they too have a look that’s smashed and wrinkly. The breed’s little nose is hidden within the folds of a big head filled with wrinkles.

These adorable little creatures can be found in several coat colors. From Fawn, White to Cream and Brindle. The fawn French Bulldog can have a light tanned shade, with their name’s origin leading back to the baby deer, which is of similar color. On the other hand, a merle French Bulldog has patterned pigments on their skin with either red or blue coats.


The red merle French Bulldog is a remarkably unique dog breed when it comes to temperament. They are considered the class clowns of dog breeds because of how goofy and playful they are. They are constantly wiggling their tail and even their entire back because they are happy most of the time.

They are easily excitable and have the energy of several dogs at once. However, they are super low-maintenance and can also choose to laze around whenever they wish to. These cheerful little creatures are fun to be around because of how smart and affectionate they can be. 

red french bulldog Personality 


Even though these little dogs are silly and fun to play with, they also have a reputation for being quite intelligent, so they learn tricks very easily. As they are observant beings, they pay close attention to what you teach them and will learn pretty quickly, making them comparatively easier to train than most dogs.

Consistency is key to working with any dog, but especially with the fawn French Bulldog. They tend to be stubborn sometimes, and if you are not consistent with training, the dog will not be able to adjust. They are known to be quite the lazy breed because of their low energy, so you should have to take them out and exercise them daily to maintain good health while giving positive reinforcement for obedience.

red french bulldog exercise

Fitness & Health

The breed is healthy, but depending on breeders, they can be more susceptible to certain conditions related to health than other dogs. Most French Bulldogs live up to 12 years, but only with a good diet and daily training. If you’re planning to get a dog, you might want to consider some of the health issues that may come along with the package.

Getting them when they’re still puppies can actually be up to your game when fighting against diseases. You will have the upper hand by getting to raise the dog on your terms, happily and healthily. However, you still need to look out for these health problems, such as back, neck, and spine issues, respiratory system disorders, ear disorders, corneal ulcers, skin allergies, etc.

red french bulldog health


The fawn French Bulldogs have lower energy than most dogs, but sometimes they can be high energy. This means you must focus most on portions to help them eat but not gain weight. They have a decent tolerance for exercise, so if they gain weight, this is a sign for you to keep track of your dog’s diet.

At least twice or thrice a day, there should be about 1-1.5 cups of good quality dry food for them at home. There should never be a lack of water supply as this will help reduce the chances of overheating. The risks of back, hips, or spine problems can be eliminated with proper diet and exercise.

red french bulldog diet

How much is a red french bulldog?

After all the details we’ve provided you about the breed, you might be hoping to get one of your own soon. But how much is a red French Bulldog? This usually depends on the dog’s breeder, area, age, genes, bloodline, and so on.

They are quite expensive little buddies, as the fawn French Bulldog puppies can be super expensive, costing around $10,000. However, if you don’t mind getting fawn French Bulldog adults, then you can expect to spend up to $1,800-$4,500.

You can even try to inseminate your dogs with the help of breeders artificially. This works best for them because they usually face difficulty when attempting to mate on their own. The cost of this procedure can run up to $1,000.

How much is a red french bulldog?

Wrapping Up

The red French Bulldog is a dog that can adjust well to most environments, whether they are family homes or small apartments. If you crate train them, they can make your life easier because of their obedience. They are precious little dogs that can light up your world while they wiggle their whole back and tail upon seeing you. Frenchies are fantastic at cuddling and simply chilling. If you are a low-maintenance person, you might want to consider getting a dog that’s meant for you—the red French Bulldog.

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