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My dog keeps breaking his collar: what to do?


My dog keeps breaking his collar

A collar is an essential accessory for a dog as it serves multiple purposes. It helps to keep your dog identified, especially if it gets lost. Most dog collars come with name plates where the dog’s name, owner’s contact number, and address are mentioned.

Unfortunately, some dogs love to get rid of their collar as they probably find it uncomfortable. Or it would be due to other factors. And if your pet is among those that keep breaking its collar, perhaps this post will help.

Continue reading as we take a look into why some dogs don’t like to put on collars and how to prevent them from breaking them.

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Reasons why your dog keeps breaking its collar

Imagine wearing a necklace you aren’t used to; wouldn’t you feel weird and uncomfortable? Additionally, some might probably get itchy or rashes due to an allergic reaction to metal.

Likewise, dogs have the same issue with collars. Unlike humans, they can’t explain their discomfort, thus resorting to breaking it. Various factors cause your dog to break or get rid of its collar, and as their caretaker, we should pay heed.

Reasons why your dog keeps breaking its collar

Let’s look into some of the common factors causing your dog to break its collar:

Size of the collar

Sometimes the problem is not with your dog but the size of the collar. If you got a bigger size collar for your puppy, it could cause discomfort, thus leading to scratching and eventually causing the collar to break. Hence, it’s vital to get the right fit for your pet.

Furthermore, it shouldn’t be too small as it will be difficult for your dog to breathe. It would be better to take your pet along to the store while purchasing a collar. And if you plan to buy online, check the size guide.

Collar material

Some of the collar materials might not be suitable for your dog, thus causing irritation to its skin. Take off the collar immediately if you see rashes on your pet’s neck. Most of the collar comes with a metal buckle which can cause skin irritations. You can opt for buckles with sturdy plastic material and high quality.


Dogs, especially puppies, are super active and love to play around. If there is a lack of physical activity or doesn’t play with them often, they will feel bored, leading to scratching of the collar. Therefore, you should give your dog adequate exercise and regular walks. It will keep their mind occupied, thus allowing them to forget about the collar.

Reasons why your dog keeps breaking its collar

Lack of collar training

Another major factor that causes your dog to break the collar is lack of collar training. Allow your pet to wear a collar from a young age to get used to it. It’s normal for puppies to show discomfort or scratch their collars. However, you shouldn’t worry about it as they will get used to it eventually.

Wrong collar types

Various types of dog collars are available meant for different purposes. For instance, a smart collar features GPS to track your pet’s location in real-time. There are also everyday collars that are easy to use and come with a quick-release clasp or metal buckles.

You should get a collar that is suitable for your dog. If your pet is prone to skin irritations, opt for padded collars. But this collar type can be pretty heavy, especially if your dog is a small breed. So, choose the right kind of collar compatible with your dog.

How do I prevent my dog from breaking its collar?

Various measures can be taken to prevent your dog from breaking its collar. Understanding the factors causing your pet to scratch its collar plays a vital role. Only after knowing the root cause can, one solves the issue and take the necessary steps.

How do I prevent my dog from breaking its collar?

Collar training is one of the key steps to preventing your dog from scratching its collar. If you have a puppy, get a lightweight collar and let it wear daily. Your pet may not like it initially, but it will get used to it after some weeks.

Early training is essential for your pet to get used to wearing a collar. Getting the right type of collar for your dog is also necessary. Select a sturdy collar with quality material if you have a large dog breed. That way, it will not be able to break the collar.

Whenever your dog tries to scratch or gets rid of the collar, scold them gently. Don’t be super harsh but be strict enough to listen to you. Reward your pet with treats or give praises when they stop scratching the collar.

How do I prevent my dog from breaking its collar?

As mentioned earlier, boredom also causes your dog to scratch its collar, thus leading to breakage. Moreover, some dog breeds are hyperactive and require constant physical activities. Dog breeds like Beagle, Cane Corso, etc., require daily exercise. Inadequate physical training may lead them to boredom and develop negative behavior like scratching the collar.

Therefore, allot time for your pet and play with them often. You can also arrange playdates with other dogs to keep their mind occupied. As a pet parent, you should shoulder various responsibilities to develop good behavior. The foundation plays a crucial role; if you inculcate good habits and training early on, this issue won’t arise.


As we conclude the article, we hope it has answered your question about a dog breaking its collar. It’s an issue that can be prevented if you look into the factors causing it.

Some dogs try to get rid of the collar due to skin irritations. And in this case, changing the collar material or types will be helpful. In most cases, it’s due to a lack of collar training when they were puppies. Additionally, some dogs break their collar due to boredom.

All these can be overcome by applying positive reinforcement. It’s never too late, and your dog will adapt to the changes with constant training. Being a pet owner requires patience and consistency with the training process.

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