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How do dogs get food out of Kong? (5 Methods)


How do dogs get food out of Kong

As a pet owner, you likely know the Kong toy as a popular way to keep your dog entertained. But what you may not know is that there are many different ways to fill and use a Kong toy to give your dog food. In this complete guide, we’ll explore how dogs get food out of kong and some of the most popular ways to do it.

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Various methods on how to get dog food out of a Kong

The Kong is a classic toy for dogs, and for good reason – it’s durable, entertaining, and can be filled with food to keep your pup busy. If you’re new to using a Kong, you might be wondering how to get the food out. The good news is that there are several different methods you can use, depending on the difficulty level you’re looking for.

First method (easiest) - Dry kibble

How do dogs get food out of Kong

The first and easiest method is to simply put dry kibble into the Kong. Dry kibble does not stick to the sides of the Kong, so it will fall out easily as your dog pushes the kong. This is a good option for dogs who are new to using a Kong.

Make sure your dog has enough experience with the dry kibble to transition to the second method. If your dog quickly adapts to the dry kibble, and it’s getting too easy, you can try the second method.

Second method (intermediate) - Wet food

How do dogs get food out of Kong

The second method is to use wet food. Wet food will stick to the sides of the Kong, so it will take your dog a little longer to get it out. This is a good option for dogs who are familiar with using a Kong and are ready for a little more of a challenge.

If you are using kibble, make sure to make it wet before putting it inside the Kong. You can use water, broth, or even peanut butter to wet the kibble and make it stickier.

Third method (advanced) - Big biscuits

How do dogs get food out of Kong

The third method is to use big biscuits. Big biscuits are larger and have a tougher texture, so they will take your dog longer to get out of the Kong. This is a good option for dogs who are familiar with using a Kong and are ready for a bigger challenge.

If you’re using big biscuits, make sure you don’t break them before putting them in the Kong. This would defeat the purpose of using them in the first place!

Fourth Method (Expert) - Expand kibble inside

The fourth method is to expand the Kong. This means taking dry kibble and adding water or another liquid to it so that it expands inside the Kong. This is a good option for dogs who are experienced with using a Kong and are ready for a difficult challenge.

Simply put the dry kibble in the Kong already, and then pour water or another liquid over it. Use enough liquid so that the kibble expands, but not so much that it runs out of the kong.

By expanding the kibble, you’re making it more difficult for your dog to get the food out. This is because the expanded kibble will take up more space inside the Kong, and your dog will have to work harder to get it out.

Fifth Method (Extreme) - Freeze it!

The fifth and final method is to freeze the Kong. This is a good option for dogs who are simply to fast in getting the food out of the Kong. Freezing the Kong will make it more difficult for your dog to get the food out, and will also keep them entertained for a longer period of time.

To freeze the Kong, simply fill it with wet food or expandable kibble and water, and then put it in the freezer. The wet food or kibble will expand as it freezes, making it more difficult for your dog to get the food out.

Once the Kong is frozen, you can give it to your dog and let them enjoy a cold, refreshing treat!

What kind of dog food should you put inside a Kong?

Getting the food out of the Kong should be a rewarding experience for your dog. This means that you should put something inside the Kong that your dog really enjoys.

There are a couply of safe and delicous options that your dog is sure to love:

  • Wet food: such as canned dog food, cooked chicken, or even yogurt.
  • Dry kibble: such as Purina, Iams, or Pedigree.
  • Biscuits: such as Milk-Bones, Beggin’ Strips, or Nylabones.
  • Treats: such as dog biscuits, rawhide chews, or jerky.

What benefits does a Kong provide?

There are several benefits that a Kong provides. These benefits include:

What benefits does a Kong provide?

Mental stimulation

Kongs are special toys that are designed to challenge a dog’s mind. They have to use their brain power to figure out how to get the food out of the Kong.

This process of trial and error helps to keep their mind active and engaged. In addition, Kongs can also be used to teach a dog new tricks. For example, you can put a treat inside a Kong and then show your dog how to push it around with their nose in order to get the treat out.

This simple exercise can help to teach them basic problem-solving skills. As a result, Kongs can provide both mental stimulation and an opportunity for learning.

Physical benefits

Dogs have to use their muscles to bite and chew on the Kong, which helps to prevent obesity. In addition, the Kong can also help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and free from plaque. As a result, giving your dog a Kong can provide numerous physical and dental benefits.

Keeps your dog entertained

Kongs are a great way to keep your dog entertained. They can provide hours of fun and enjoyment. This is especially beneficial if you have to leave your dog home alone for long periods of time.

Additionally, playing the Kong also costs energy which can help to tire out an active dog. This can be helpful if you’re looking for a way to calm them down before bedtime.


It’s important to clean your dog’s Kong on a regular basis. The best way to clean a Kong is to put it in the dishwasher

You can also hand wash the Kong with warm soapy water. Be sure to rinse it thoroughly after washing. You may also want to disinfect the Kong by soaking it in a mixture of one part vinegar and ten parts water for a few minutes.

You can give your dog a Kong as often as you like. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re not overfeeding your dog. If you give your dog too many Kongs, they may become overweight or obese.

A general rule of thumb is to give your dog one Kong per day. This is a good starting point, and you can adjust the amount up or down as needed based on your dog’s individual needs.

Kong is a known and trusted brand, and their products are available at most pet stores. You can also purchase Kongs online from a variety of retailers.

When purchasing a Kong, be sure to choose the right size for your dog. Kongs come in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to extra-large. It’s important to choose a size that is appropriate for your dog’s size and weight.

Ease to use
Ease to learn

Final thoughts – How do dogs get food out of Kong?

We provided different types of levels to get food out of a Kong for your dog. Starting at a certain level depends on their current experience with a Kong. How much time your dog spends with the Kong and how easy it is for them to get food out of the Kong will also play a role in what level you start with.

If your dog is new to Kongs, it’s best to start with level one and gradually move up to the next level as your dog becomes more familiar with the Kong. If you have an experienced Kong user, you can start at any level. Just be sure to adjust the difficulty level as needed based on your dog’s success rate.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on How do dogs get food out of Kong. Be sure to check back for more informative articles on all things dog!

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