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7 Best Ways To Protect Dogs From Hawks – Dodging Danger In The Sky


7 Best Ways to Protect Dogs From Hawks

Just imagine the bird soaring in the sky with a creature several times its weight; it sounds like something from a children’s storybook!

Unfortunately, it’s not just a figment of your wild imagination. No matter how tiny of a chance it is, these aerial predators can attack your innocent Fido while frisking about outdoors. 

This isn’t enough reason to panic and restrict your pup from ever going outside. You can take many steps to minimize the risk to almost zero, and keeping them behind closed doors isn’t necessarily one of them. 

Instead, why not read more to pick up the best ways to protect dogs from hawks, plus some other useful tips?

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7 Foolproof Tips to Protect Your Dog From Hawks

Chances are, you never considered such a scenario, but guess what – there’s a possibility it can happen. There is no need to fret; you can take steps to safeguard your pups from potential hawk attacks. Check out some tips on how to protect your pooch from becoming a tasty morsel for this wild bird of prey! 

Never Leave Your Pet Unattended

Never Leave Your Pet Unattended When Outdoors

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re outdoors with your pet, especially if you’re in a breathtaking place. However, don’t let the lovely views and Instagram-worthy scenes distract you from the most important thing: your dog’s safety! Remember, your Fido is extra vulnerable when outside, so never leave them unsupervised. 

For instance, a hawk may see them as prey, brave the waters, and swoop in to snatch your pup. It may be unlikely to occur, but you never know when potential outdoor dangers can become a reality! As such, it’s best to pay attention to your beloved canine so you can act quickly if things start to go haywire. 

Create a Safe, Covered Enclosure

Create a Safe, Covered Enclosure

Most dogs have the permanent calling of the great outdoors, so they won’t settle inside the house as much as possible. Some would give you that big, irresistible puppy eyes until you let them out, while others would misbehave to show discomfort. But, let’s face it – you’re not always available to keep an eye out for them 24/7. 

The only way out of this is to build a covered enclosure – one where no hawks and other potential predators can get into. You can construct a space with a roof or covering to keep your Fido safe and sound while outside. By doing this, you get peace of mind that your beloved pet is fine and no hawk’s talons can get ahold of them! 

Explore with a Bigger Company (Or Pack!)

Explore with a Bigger Company (Or Pack!)

When going on an outdoor adventure with your canine, consider exploring with friends of the same interest. There’s safety in numbers, and having more eyes on the lookout will help keep your pup safe from unexpected predators. It’s a lot better than going solo, especially during the times when hawks and other birds of prey are active.

In case you have no friends available, why not consider joining a local dog-walking group instead? Your Fido will be a lot safer with other canines, and hawks won’t even think about launching an attack. Plus, your pet will have the time of their life socializing with other dogs, which means you’re hitting two birds with one stone! 


Keep Your Canine on a Leash

Keep Your Canine on a Leash

Dogs are curious and adventurous; they’ll surely run around when left to their own devices. And sometimes, they may wander into dangerous areas, like hawk territories, for example. This is a big red flag, especially if the hawk in question is highly territorial! 

That’s why it’s wise to keep them on a leash whether you’re going on a short stroll or a days-long adventure. This will ensure that they stay within your line of sight and not doing anything to bring danger to themselves. Plus, if there’s an unlikely case of a hawk attack, the aerial predator won’t be able to fly away with your dog! 


Keep Your Dog Out of Open Fields or Birdwatching Areas

Keep Your Dog Out of Open Fields or Birdwatching Areas

If you’re going on an outdoor adventure with your beloved pet, it’s best to stay away from open fields. Why? Because hawks and other aerial predators frequent these areas for some grub. Remember, wide terrains are the ideal hunting grounds for birds of prey. They can see clearly, and it’s easier to swoop down on their targets! 

Similarly, birdwatching spots are also a no-go for outdoor escapades with your pup. These places are often situated within or near hawk territories, so your unsuspecting Fido may be considered a threat! Note that hawks and other birds of prey can be quite protective of their nests and spaces, so it’s better to avoid these areas altogether. 


Eliminate All Bird Feeders in Your Yard

Eliminate All Bird Feeders in Your Yard

Feeding beautiful birds from elaborate bird feeders is all fun and games – until they bring in hawks and other birds of prey that can harm your pup! You see, these smaller birds serve as game for aerial predators, so you may find your yard becoming their hunting grounds. This can compromise your canine’s safety, especially if they’re on the smaller side. 

The solution? Eliminate all the bird feeders (and bird baths) in your yard, of course. Doing so will result in your feathery friends not visiting anymore, but it’s well worth it in exchange for Fido’s security!


Get Fido a Trusty Anti-Hawk Vest

Get Fido a Trusty Anti-Hawk Vest

If you truly want to give your beloved canine the ultimate deterrent against hawk attacks, what better way than anti-hawk vests? They’re garments designed to protect your pup from potential outdoor dangers, so there’s no reason to skimp out on them. Plus, aside from their safeguarding properties, these outfits will make your dog the star of every backyard! 

There are plenty of sizes and designs you and Fluffy can select from, on top of having several colors to boot! And, of course, to make the most of your money, ensure that you’re only choosing one of the best hawk vests on the market. With one of these on, you can rest assured that your pet is safe while they’re out in the wild. 

Items You Can Use as Hawk Repellent For Dogs

Aside from all the wonderful tips and tricks above, you may want to add other countermeasures to protect your dog from hawk attacks. After all, it’s better to go above and beyond for your pet rather than risk their safety, right? 

That’s why we’ve gathered a few items you can stock up on to use as hawk repellents. Check them out below! 

Scare Tape

If you’re an animal science geek, you probably know a few things about birds. If not, here’s a fact: they’re afraid of their own reflections, so they avoid anything bright and shiny! 

You can take advantage of this by hanging scare tape on trees, particularly in areas where your dog hangs around in. This way, hawks and other birds of prey will be put off from ever getting near. 

Bird Spikes

Before everything else, know that this item won’t harm hawks or any birds of prey in the slightest. It’s designed to make perching impossible, which means these aerial predators have no chance of watching your canine. 

And without a good vantage point to see your pet, they won’t even consider Fido as a target. You can put it on some tall trees, walls, or even your house’s roof to further eliminate the chance of hawks attacking your dog. 

Scarecrow Owls

Owls are known for being predatory, so it only makes sense that most birds steer clear from them. These can include birds of prey, so scarecrow owls are a great hawk-repellent item to have. 

You can position them randomly all over your yard or anywhere your canine spends the most time. However, remember to move these decoys occasionally so smart aerial predators like hawks won’t discover your trick.

What to Do if Fluffy is Getting Attacked by a Hawk?

In an unfortunate (and ultra rare!) case that your dog is getting attacked by a hawk, what do you do? Well, the obvious thing would be to stop yourself from jumping on this aerial predator, no matter how much you’d like to save your pup. 

If you’re wondering why, it’s because of this: the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. Under this law, it’s illegal to lay a hand on a hawk without special permission from the authorities. It doesn’t matter what the situation is – you’re never allowed to injure and kill these birds of prey. 

Thus, what steps can you take if facing these aerial predators head-on isn’t possible? Read the list below to find out! 

3 Ways To Scare Away A Hawk

Once you’ve fended off this aerial predator, immediately check on your dog. Don’t forget to bring them to the veterinary clinic for a check-up, even when they don’t have any visible injuries. Your canine may be hiding their pain or not yet feeling them due to the adrenaline rush.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a few questions before we wrap things up; here are some of the most frequently asked:

In most cases, hawks and other birds of prey won’t attack a dog on a leash. These aerial predators don’t target those that are several times their size and weight, so you don’t have to worry. Plus, they’re also wary of your presence and will simply move on to easier animals to snack on. 

Hawks attacking small dogs isn’t unheard of, but rest assured, the chances of this happening are minuscule. These birds of prey usually target much smaller animals, such as rabbits, lizards, and other birds. This means they’d have trouble hunting even a chihuahua, the tiniest dog breed in the world. 

To Sum It Up – How to Protect Fido From Hawk Attacks 

Well, there you have it – the ultimate guide to protecting your beloved pet from hawks! While the risk of these birds of prey targeting your Fido runs low, it’s still best to stay safe than sorry. After all, your furry friend depends on you for their well-being, so taking the time to protect them is more than worth it. 

Remember to always keep a close eye on your canine when outdoors and avoid high-risk places. Don’t forget to be mindful of your yard, too! After all, it’s where your pet spends the most time in, so better to secure and make it hawk-proof. You can also rely on plenty of hawk-repellent items or get them some of the best raptor vests around!

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