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How to say sorry to your dog?


How to say sorry to your dog?

As pet parents, one should shoulder several responsibilities besides cuddling and feeding them. And saying sorry to your furry friend when you are at fault in one of the responsibilities that you should be aware of.

If you’re wondering how to say sorry to your dog, we have it covered! This post will provide valuable tips and effective methods to apologize to your pet.

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Do dogs understand when you say sorry?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to apologizing to dogs. And the answer is- no and yes, they don’t understand the literal meaning of “I’m sorry”.

Dogs can only grasp what we are trying to communicate through our actions and tone of voice. They cannot comprehend the concept of an apology like humans do. So, whenever you say sorry to your dog, make sure that your actions and demeanor reflect your words

Do dogs understand when you say sorry?

Effective ways to apologize to your dog and earn its trust

Some of the effective ways to apologize to dogs are as follow:

Get down to your dog’s level

Dogs are highly intuitive creatures. When you get down on their level and make physical contact, they will understand that you are not a threat. This is a non-verbal way of saying sorry to your dog.

As dog’s do not understand the concept of an apology, actions and demeanor are important to show that you are sincere.

Offer treats

Most dogs love treats! Offering your dog a treat is a great way to apologize and show that you’re remorseful. Be sure to choose a healthy treat that your dog loves.

Use positive reinforcement

If you want to apologize and show your dog that you’re sincere, use positive reinforcement such as verbal praise or petting. This will let your furry friend know that they are still loved despite the mistake.

Effective ways to apologize to your dog and earn its trust

Give your dog some space

Sometimes, dogs just need some time alone to calm down. If you’ve done something that your dog doesn’t like or is afraid of, give them some space and let them come to you when they’re ready.

Avoid using the word "sorry"

While it is important to apologize for your actions, avoid using the word “sorry.” Dogs are not able to understand human words and this could just confuse them. Instead, focus on your body language and tone of voice.

Seek professional help

If you’re having trouble apologizing to your dog or if the situation is too complex, seek professional help from a certified animal behaviorist or trainer. They will be able to provide guidance on how to effectively apologize to your pet.

Will my dog forgive me if I apologize?

Unlike humans, dogs are kind and affectionate creatures that love its owners unconditionally. They may get angry or sad, but not for long if you say sorry to them genuinely.

Dogs don’t possess emotional intelligence like humans. So, the possibility of them holding a grudge for more than a day seems less likely. But they do get a sense or feeling that you’re really sorry if you’re constantly showering them with love and care.

Will my dog forgive me if I apologize?

Undeniably, they might growl or snap at you on the spur of the moment. However, it’s due to being scared or reacting out of fear. The anger doesn’t last long; during this phase, giving space or privacy to your dog is crucial.

Dogs don’t hold grudges and are more than excited to be with their owners. It’s their responsibility to take care of their pets with love and affection. If your dog is naughty or mischievous, scold them but not in a harsh way.


Concluding the article, we hope that it was helpful in figuring out how to say sorry to your dog. It’s vital to understand the nature of your pet before proceeding with your apology.

Knowing what causes your dog to get angry helps you ease the process of saying sorry to your furry friend effectively. Above all, be kind and affectionate to your pet so that it will sense that you’re genuinely sorry.

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