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How to block dogs view through fence: Stop Unwanted Barking


How to block dogs view through fence

Does your pup bark endlessly at animals on the other side of the fence? This can be an inconvenience for your neighbors and may even lead to legal issues. To prevent this, you should try blocking their view with some easy-to-implement steps.

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can effectively use fences or plants to create an effective visual barrier that prevents these canine intruders from seeing what goes on inside your property borders.

Through this process, you can help reduce or even stop all those unwanted barking sessions. So, let’s get started learning how you can put an end to those irritable noises coming from the pups next door!

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6 ways to keep dogs away from fence

Do you have a pup that gazes through the wide gaps in your fence? Don’t worry, here are some incredible tips to help visually block them from seeing what lies beyond:

Plant thick shrubs or tall hedges

Plant thick shrubs or tall hedges

If you’re looking for a way to ensure privacy in your small garden, planting shrubs or hedges near the fence line is an ideal solution. These massive plants create a thick screen between your dog and the other side of the fence.

Not only are these lovely additions visually appealing and great sound barriers, but they also require little upkeep – so you can spend more time relaxing in your outdoor area instead of tending to it.

Use vinyl straps for a quick fix

Use vinyl straps for a quick fix

A bigger garden requires an effective solution for blocking those curious pups. If you don’t have the time or patience to plant shrubs and maintain them, you can opt for a simpler quick fix.

Vinyl straps are an excellent choice as they’re easy to install and come in various colors and designs. All you have to do is attach the straps to your fence posts using zip ties or screws, and you’re done!

Trellises and lattices

Trellises and lattices

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your fence line with an aesthetic touch, trellises or lattices are perfect. These add a beautiful touch of greenery to the area while providing effective coverage.

Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide privacy without blocking the sun’s rays. So you can enjoy your outdoor area in peace while your pup stays away from unwanted intruders!


Consider adding a privacy fence screen for dogs

Consider adding a privacy fence screen for dogs

Installing a privacy screen along your fence is the ideal way to ensure complete coverage and optimal security without sacrificing sunlight or airflow. With options in all shapes, sizes, and styles available for purchase, it’s easy to find one that fits your outdoor space exactly. Not only does this provide maximum private protection – it also injects some foliage into your garden area!


Using Craft Sticks to Fill Fence Gaps

Using Craft Sticks to Fill Fence Gaps

Another quick method to prevent your dog from peering through gaps in the fence is by using craft sticks. All you have to do is insert a bunch of craft sticks into the affected areas, making sure that the space is completely filled.

This process is great for patching up those wide gaps and preventing your pup from getting a good view of the other side. It is also a cost-effective method that can be easily applied with minimal effort!


Install Opaque Fencing for Maximum Coverage

Install Opaque Fencing for Maximum Coverage

If you crave a more long-term solution, opaque fencing is your answer. These fences are either made of vinyl or wood and they make sure that no light passes through them to ensure complete privacy in the backyard.

This way, there’s nothing for your pup to observe beyond the fence line! Better yet, these opaque fencing solutions have an array of design choices that perfectly match any garden aesthetic out there!

Additional tips for dog-proofing your fence

Besides filling the gaps between your fence posts, you may want to dog-proof your fence in other areas, too, such as avoiding chewable wood posts or adding a fence topper. Here are some tips to help you out:

Choose your fence material wisely

When erecting a fence for your furry family member, consider the materials used cautiously. Take into account their natural instinct – as most dogs love to chew – and choose hard materials wisely. Whether metal or vinyl, these materials provide excellent protection from canine toothmarks that can potentially reduce its structural integrity.

If your pup has a strong bite, metal fencing is guaranteed to be far more durable than softer materials such as wood. Ultimately, it’s important to consider the possibility of destruction when selecting what type of material you should use for your fence!

Place a fence topper

A fence topper is an effective way to add an extra layer of security. This can be in the form of a short fence or a one-off fix such as chicken wire, which is designed to keep your dog safely confined within the boundaries of your fence. Furthermore, it prevents other animals or people from accessing your yard.

Adding height

Adding some extra height will make it more difficult for your pup to jump over the fence. If you have a taller dog breed, consider building a 6-foot fence instead of the standard 4-foot one. This extra layer of security will ensure that your dog stays put, giving you peace of mind.


Avoid sharp edges

To protect your pup from injury, make sure the top of your fence is free of sharp edges. Opt for materials like vinyl or metal that are smooth and contain no protruding parts. That way you can ensure a safe boundary for when he wants to take a leap!

Additional tips for dog-proofing your fence

Final thoughts – No more barking!

When it comes to finding a solution for the spaces between your fence, you have many choices. Plant shrubs or hedges, install privacy screens or trellises, even craft sticks are all effective ways of preventing your pup from wandering off into the other side. With so many options available at your disposal, there is no shortage of ideas on how to keep Fido safe and sound!

If relentless barking noises have been bothering you, this guide is sure to help put a stop to them. With the proper solution in place, one can bid adieu to any undesired disruptions and savor more tranquil outdoor moments with their pup.

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