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6 Airlines That Allow Large Dogs in Cabins (Flying Together With Your Pet)


Airlines That Allow Large Dogs in Cabins

If you’re a certified fur parent, no doubt one of your dreams is to go on an adventure with your canine across the globe. However, one thing that may be stopping you from turning this into reality is your beloved pet’s size. Are they too big to fit under your airline’s designated seat, no matter how much you try? 

Well, worry no more because you can bring your pet onboard with you in the cabin. Several airlines allow big dogs to travel beside their owner; we’ll reveal them in this blog post! 

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Which Airlines Actually Allow Large Dogs In Their Cabin?

Bringing your beloved canine on your next vacation won’t be out of reach anymore, so long as you choose the right airline. But, with all kinds of plane companies out there, how will you find the right one that can accommodate your pet’s size? 

We’ve got your back in this one, so check out which airlines in the USA actually allow large dogs in their cabin: 

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is one of the most budget-friendly carriers in America, making it popular for travelers far and wide. However, did you know that it’s also one of the few airlines that allow large dogs to stay with their owners inside the cabin? 

To elaborate, Aviation Nepal states that Spirit allows passengers to bring big canines so long as they are 40 pounds or less. Note that the mentioned measurement is the total weight of both your dog and the required carrier. 

Here are some important things to remember when flying via Spirit Airlines together with your dog: 

3 Things to keep in mind when flying via Spirit Airlines



Yet another pet-friendly airline that allows large dogs inside the cabin is Southwest. Based on Oxford Pets, the company adheres to the policy of having no maximum limit on a canine’s weight. This means that so long as your dog is inside an approved carrier, you’ll have no problems traveling with them. 

Check out some policies you should follow when opting to fly with Southwest together with your canine: 

3 Things to keep in mind when flying via Southwest

American Airlines

American Airlines

If you want to travel with your large dog via plane, another air carrier you can rely on is American Airlines. Aside from having top-notch pet policies, the company also allows pets to stay with their owners rather than putting them in the cargo hold. These make the airline one of the best choices for pet parents all over the globe. 

This was confirmed by Jetline Marvel, stating that the airline can accommodate large dog breeds. To specify, canines that weigh 100 pounds or less (including the weight of their crates) can travel onboard. However, note that this is only available on certain routes and flights that have plenty of space available. 

Below are some pointers to remember if you’re going to choose American Airlines for traveling with your big dog: 

3 Things to keep in mind when flying via American Airlines



Considered one of the friendliest airlines for pets, Delta also has no maximum weight limit for dogs riding their planes. In fact, the data from Dogs Travel Guide reveals that the company also allows large dogs in their cabins. 

However, note that this will still depend on the available space on each flight. Based on Delta’s Pet Travel Guidelines, you should first contact them to get the specific container dimensions for your canine.

Other things to note when flying with Delta together with your dog companion: 

4 Things to keep in mind when flying via Delta

JSX Airlines

JSX Airlines

If you’re looking for a semi-private airline that allows your dog to travel beside you in a cabin, JSX Airlines is your best bet. Not only will it let you transport your canine within arm’s reach, the company ensures that you’ll do so with full comfort in mind. 

Airlines Pet reports that your big dog is capable of occupying the full ground area of an adjacent seat. Customers are even viable to avail of yet another one if they need more space – in fact, it is required if your canine weighs 65 pounds or less. This means that when you spend extra money for an additional seat, you’re also providing your dog with more floor area. 

Here are some specifics when traveling with your large canine via JSX Airlines: 

4 Things to keep in mind when flying via JSX Airlines:

Tradewind Aviation

Tradewind Aviation

Yet another private aviation for pets is Tradewind Aviation, which lets large-breed dogs travel in its Citation CJ3 and Pilatus PC-12 models. Its flight routes are made of US and Caribbean destinations, making the airline ideal if you’re on vacation with your pup. 

To be specific, the blog Boogie the Pug states that Tradewind allows passengers to bring canines weighing as much as 100 pounds on flights. However, like JSX Airlines, you’d have to purchase an extra seat when accompanied by a dog of this size. 

Some important facts you should know when boarding Tradewind Aviation with your beloved pet: 

2 Things to keep in mind when flying via Tradewind Aviation

Must-Know Tips When Flying With a Large Dog in Cabin

Exploring different parts of the world with your beloved pet is an exciting event you’ll remember for a long time. However, there’s no denying that it can also be stressful, especially if it’s your first time doing so. 

Don’t fret, though, because we know the feeling all too well! That’s why we’ve compiled some helpful tips when flying with a large dog in a cabin. Check them out below: 

Get Your Pet's Health Checked by a Veterinarian

Before anything else, you have to get your dog’s health assessed by an expert. Doing so will reveal whether they’re fit for air travel or if you should rule out the idea completely. During the check-up, you can also complete any vaccination requirements needed for flying. 

Avoid Feeding Your Dog Hours Before Departure

You may think it’s better to feed your canine before your much-awaited flight, but it’s really the other way around. By restricting their food intake within four to six hours of your departure, you’re saving them from motion sickness. This way, there’s also a lesser chance of them feeling the need to potty, especially when on air. 

Don't Forget to Tire Them Out

Providing physical stimulation for your canine before the flight is recommended for many pet parents. This is especially if you have a rowdy dog that won’t stay put in one place for too long. By tiring them out, they’ll most likely sleep throughout the whole air journey. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a few questions before we wrap things up; here are some of the most frequently asked:

There are generally two places big dogs can go on a plane. The most common one is in the cargo hold, where they’ll end up in the same place as your checked baggage. Here, you’re unable to access or check them during the flight since they’re in a secure compartment.

They can also be seated in the cabin, typically if they qualify as emotional or service support animals for passengers. If they’re normal pets, some airlines allow big canines to ride with their owners. Of course, you may have to pay for an extra seat and other fees to accommodate your dog.

Most airlines only allow small dogs weighing 20 pounds or less to accompany passengers on their flights. However, other pet-friendly companies don’t put a weight limit on canines flying on their airplanes. These include United Airlines, Southwest, and Delta. 

Generally, only small dogs that are less than 11 inches tall and 18 inches long will fit under an airplane’s seat. These include breeds that are normally in the 20-pound threshold, such as terriers, chihuahuas, and Maltese. 

Most major airlines don’t allow passengers to purchase an extra seat for their canines. Yes, you may be able to travel with your pet in the cabin, but that doesn’t mean they can take the seat for themselves. You can only buy additional space to have more room for yourself and your beloved dog.

However, if you’re keen on buying a designated space for your pet, check out semi-private or independent airlines. Some of them are more accommodating to dogs of every size and weight, like Aero and Surf Air. 

Wrapping It Up – The Best Airlines for Large Dogs 

In conclusion, there’s no need to say goodbye to your large dog every time you ride a plane. We’ve gone over the details of which airlines accept big breeds in their cabin, which means you can have your beloved pet right by your side. This way, your canine won’t feel stressed when separated away from you, and you’ll have peace of mind since you’re with them! 

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