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6 Dog Pee Post Ideas – Designated Dog Pee Spots


dog pee post ideas

Have you had enough of stained patches and muddy paw prints in your backyard? Why not create a special area for your pooch to do their business! With the help of a dog pee post you can stimulate your pup to go in designated spots and save your yard from a doggy mess. How simple is that?

In this post will discuss various ideas and tips for creating designated dog pee posts.

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6 dog pee post ideas for your dog

Creating a pee post can be quite a hassle as not all dogs take to it immediately. Here are some ideas you can use and tweak to make your post a suitable spot for your pup:

Wooden plank: Quick and easy

Wooden plank: Quick and easy

Do you need a simple solution for a pee post in your backyard? Look no further! All it takes is digging out a shallow hole, placing the wooden plank vertically into the ground, and filling with topsoil.

It might not be Pinterest-worthy but it’s highly convenient and will get the job done – plus you don’t have to break the bank to make this happen!

Garden stone: A more decorative option

Garden stone: A more decorative option

Do you have some garden stones lying around at home? This is a great opportunity to put them to good use! You can create an eye-catching pee post by simply arranging the stones in a designated area and adding some soil.

Utilizing garden stone offers an additional benefit – it’s easy to clean up your pup’s messes! Unlike wood chips or mulch, the dirt and residue won’t stick to the stones. Just ensure there is soil underneath them so that urine can seep through properly.

Dog-urine resistant plants: All-natural appeal

Dog-urine resistant plants: All-natural appeal

Make your pee spot blend subtly and chicly with your backyard garden! Roses or Bear’s Breeches, which are resistant to urine, make the perfect accompaniments. This will not only make your designated area look stylish but also add a fragrant touch that won’t overpower the other elements of your garden.

If you need inspiration for other dog-urine-resistant plants, check out this article by which offers a comprehensive list.


Artificial turf: Easy to maintain

Artificial turf: Easy to maintain

Most pet owners are not a fan of natural grass as it’s quite hard to maintain and can be easily ruined by your pup. Artificial turf offers an ideal solution for this problem – it looks like real grass but is made from recycled materials, which make it eco-friendly too.

The downside is that artificial turf can smell like urine if not cleaned regularly. Be sure to use an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate the odor efficiently and keep your pee post smelling fresh!


A garden flag: Attractive and noticeable

A garden flag: Attractive and noticeable

Your dog surely can’t miss this one. Placing a garden flag in the designated pee post area will definitely make it stand out from the rest of the yard! A vibrant flag is eye-catching and attractive enough to draw your pup’s attention, so they can identify their pee spot from a distance.

Pick out one that suits the overall color scheme of your garden and check whether it’s weather-resistant or not before you purchase.


A fire hydrant: Fun and effective

A fire hydrant: Fun and effective

A fire hydrant is an iconic pee post for dogs, and it looks great too! There are countless of fire hydrant designs ranging from traditional to modern. This can be a great way to add some character and flare to your pup’s designated area.

Amazon offers multiple designs that fit your budget. Just make sure to pick one that’s resistant to dog urine.

How to introduce your dog to a pee post in 5 steps

Now that you’ve set up your pee post, it’s time for your dog to use it. However, dogs don’t always take to new things right away – introducing them to a pee post can be a challenge. Here are 5 steps on how you can help your pup get used to it:

1. Set it up in a spot that’s easily accessible for your pup – Place the post in an area where your pup often goes to do their business. For example, if they usually go on the lawn, place the post there.

2. Lure your pup towards the pee post – Try to entice your pup with a treat or toy and lead them towards the post. Praise your pup for going near it or sniffing at it so they understand that this is something good.

3. Reward them for using the post – Give your pup a treat every time they pee on the post. This will help reinforce positive behavior in your pup and make them more likely to use it again in the future.

4. Repeat this process frequently – Be consistent and keep doing this exercise for at least a few weeks until your pup is used to the pee post.

5. Use another dog’s urine (very effective) – If your pooch is having trouble understanding the pee post, you can use the urine of another canine to mark that area. The scent should draw them towards it and they will recognize it as an appropriate place for relieving themselves.

How to introduce your dog to a pee post

5 Additional tips for creating a dog pee post

Although we discussed various options for setting up a dog pee post, here are 5 additional tips that can help you set it up the right way:

1. Put the post in a spot that’s not too close to your home – To ensure your outdoor space remains free of unwanted odors, position it a minimum of 10 feet away from your house and other populated structures like fences or sheds as dog urine can cause foul smells.

2. Make sure the soil underneath is loose – A hard or compacted soil surface won’t allow urine to seep through and will just absorb it. Make sure to dig out the area a bit and add some loose soil for optimal absorption.

3. Keep it clean – Always keep the pee post and the surrounding area clean. By cleaning it regularly, you keep the area hygienic and free from bacteria that can pose a health risk to your dog.

4. Don’t use harsh cleaners – Use pet-friendly products to clean the area around your pup’s designated spot. This will ensure that no harsh chemicals seep into the soil and affect your pup’s health.

5. Place it in the shade – Dogs can find it uncomfortable to relieve themselves under direct sunlight so if you have a shaded area, put the post there. This will also help keep your pup cool during hot summer days.

Sunlight + dog urine can make the area very smelly too so make sure to avoid it.

Final thoughts – Dog Pee Post Ideas

Pee posts are great for teaching your pup where to go for their business and can avoid patches and other problems in your garden. With the right setup and consistent reinforcement, you can teach your pup to use the pee post with no trouble.

in this post, we offered 6 creative pee post ideas and 5 useful tips to help you set up the perfect pee post. Choose one that suits your garden and your pup’s needs and let them get used to it – with a little bit of patience, you can finally have an accident-free garden! Good luck!

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