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Dog Cataracts Treatment Without Surgery: What Options Are There?


Dog Cataracts Treatment Without Surgery

When pet owners hear the word “surgery,” they immediately start panicking. And we get them! But sometimes, pet parents need to face the truth. Sometimes surgery is the only acceptable treatment choice.

It is well known that the only acceptable and most effective solution for cataracts is surgery. But are there any other options available? What is their efficiency? 

Stay with us, and we will discuss the cataract treatment procedures besides surgery and their effectiveness!

8 Other Cataract Treatments Without Surgery

Vets say that immature cataracts are treated only with surgery. But there are strong proofs of other treatment alternatives. Let’s take a look!

Lanosterol Treatment

Lanosterol is a new and innovative way to treat cataracts in both humans and dogs. This is a great option but no one can guarantee 100% success. Lanosterol has 2 main functions:

  • Decreases protein aggregates
  • Increases transparency in cataractous lenses

Since all mammals naturally produce lanosterol, this product is considered a treatment solution. This molecule prevents the aligned crystallin proteins in the eye from destroying and aggregating. 

The downside of this story is that Lanosterol is insoluble and cannot be injected directly. But, the good news is that scientists are currently working on finding a way to make soluble molecules for a full effect. 

The best choice is a combination of Lanosterol and an antioxidant (N-acetyl-carnosine) that aims for free radicals. And free radicals are the main cause of cataract development. 

This product has been tested, but we advise careful purchasing and discussing this with your vet. 

Lanomax Eye-Drops

Lanomax is a commercial product available on the market that can be bought only when prescribed by a vet. This product was investigated for 8 months and gave amazing results. 

Lanomax Eye-Drops

It was found that Lanomax is a great nonsurgical way to dissolute cataracts. After 8 months, many patients become more stabilized after using only Lanomax eye drops. 

Lanomax has shown amazing results in age-related cataracts. Scientists used a combination of lanosterol solution in the vitreous body of the eyes and then lanosterol solution in the form of eye drops. Almost half of the tested dogs didn’t show any symptoms of cataracts after the treatment, while others had a decrease in the white opacity in the eyes. 

Filtered Aloe Vera

Filtered Aloe Vera

Many people got crazy about aloe vera and its properties. Guilty as well, aloe vera has become my daily habit. Also, whenever I notice some changes on my dog’s skin, I apply a few pumps and boom, everything goes away. 

This product has positive effects on dry eyes and inflammation. Since this is a plant product, filtered aloe vera is the most acceptable option. It has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. 

Aloe vera is especially effective in diabetic patients. These patients have increased oxidative stress, and this product aims to reduce it. 

There is no wonder that this plant is called “silent healer”. After a while, your vet will notice better results in the blood tests because it regulates many enzymes and reduces oxidative stress. 



An antioxidant is the #1 supplement for aging dogs. As they age, they lose the ability to produce antioxidants naturally, so they could benefit from antioxidants. 

Cataracts are developed mainly because of free radicals. To stop the harmful function of free radicals, antioxidant supplementation is great. 

Antioxidants show great results in senile immature cataracts. 


It is a very popular antioxidant that is helpful in aging dogs. It also has many benefits for the cardiovascular and immune system. 

Astaxanthin is what gives many fish (salmon, lobster, shrimp, krill) a red pigment. It is actually the ingredient of krill oil which is also recommended for pets. 

This bioactive compound is great for treating diseases from the anterior to the posterior pole of the eye. Astaxanthin can be useful in treating the following diseases in humans and pets: 

  • Ocular surface disorders
  • Uveitis
  • Cataract
  • Asthenopia

It also regulates metabolism and cellular balance. 

Coenzyme Q10

This is another antioxidant that affects pets amazingly. However, be aware of the recommended dose. 

Coenzyme Q10 is extremely helpful in preventing cataracts in diabetic dogs. This product is a strong aldose reductase inhibitor and antioxidant, which is great for preventing cataractogenesis in diabetic patients. Most of all, this product reduces the oxidative stress. 


Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is rich in omegas which have anti-inflammatory properties. Its content is recommended for maintaining healthy eyes. Other great alternatives to cod liver oil are salmon and fish oil. 

EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are what make all these oils with curing properties. These ingredients are found in salmon, cod liver, and fish oil. Their main function is treating inflammatory eye diseases. Most of all, the oils will protect your dog from dry eyes and macular degeneration. 



Vitamins A, E, and C are highly recommended for cataracts. Before adding vitamins C and E, make sure to perform a vet check-up. If your dog suffers from some circulatory disease, these vitamins might be harmful. 

Vitamin A offers amazing benefits. Daily usage, even for healthy dogs, is great. This vitamin can be found in many foods. Therefore, try to experiment with food but not too much. 

If you read somewhere that carrots and potatoes are rich in vitamin A, it doesn’t mean that your dog’s diet should be plant-based only. Try adding the plants gradually and see if your pet has some side effects. If it shows some side effects, immediately stop feeding carrots. At the end of the day, dogs aren’t herbivores!

The easier way to supply your dog with vitamins is an oral treatment.


Dog Goggles

Glasses for Dogs With Cataracts

Consider dog goggles as an accessory that protects the eyes. But still, goggles are much more than just an accessory. It can protect your dog’s eyes from irritants and infections. 

If you consider getting goggles for your dog, make sure you get goggles with UV protection. Dogs that have cataracts have huge vision changes every day. For white opacity to grey vision change. So, this UV protection will “make a better picture of the world” for our dogs. 

There are different sizes of dog goggles, so no matter your dog’s size, you can find goggles that suit your dog. 

Besides this, dog goggles are perfect for days at the beach, even for healthy dogs. If sand enters your dog’s eyes, it is certainly unpleasant. 



This remedy is a combination of 3 medicines that originate from India. These substances have been used in medicine for over 1000 years. 

The “magic” ingredients are: 

Mostly it is used in humans, but some studies show efficiency in dogs as well. 

Triphala has anti-inflammatory and hypolipidemic properties. There is also a possibility of curing cancer. 

This product has numerous other benefits, including: 

  • Reducing oxidative stress
  • Preventing macular degeneration
  • Preventing senile cataracts
  • Preventing aging eye disorders
  • Strengthening eye muscles

There is also Triphala water, but for dogs we recommend Triphala pills. 

Best Treatment Option – Cataracts in Dogs

Regarding treatment alternatives, we consider that Lanosterol eye drops are the most effective. It is the only treatment alternative that has strong scientific proof of its efficiency. Therefore, Lanosterol is our pick! 

Vets still consider that surgeries are the best for treating cataracts, but not every dog is a good candidate for surgery, so considering alternatives is always a great idea.

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