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Glasses for Dogs With Cataracts: 3 Best Options


Glasses for Dogs With Cataracts

Have you tried every treatment procedure for your dog with cataracts? Could you do more about it? Well, you are right! 

Cataracts can be a very overwhelming health issue for both dogs and pet parents. We guess you are constantly chasing treatment alternatives to help your dog. 

There is an innovative way to improve your dog’s vision. And dog goggles are perfect for alternative treatment. Besides this, dog goggles offer plenty of other benefits for perfectly healthy dogs.

In this article, we are going to discuss the effectiveness of dog goggles for cataracts. Let’s dig deeper!

What Are Dog Glasses? And What Do They Do?

Does your dog love adventures? Is your dog suffering from some eye-related health issue? 

If you answered yes to either of these questions – your dog is a perfect candidate for dog goggles. 

What Are Dog Glasses? And What Do They Do

Consider dog goggles as an accessory that protects the dog’s eyes from irritants and UV light. 

Adventurous dogs are exposed to bigger environmental risks – from dust and pollen to UV light and ectoparasites.

So, purchasing dog goggles will lower the environmental risks. Besides this, doggie goggles can make car rides more enjoyable for your pet. 

Dog goggles are highly recommended for eye health issues such as cataracts, glaucoma, or conjunctivitis. 

How Do Dog Goggles Help Dogs With Cataracts?

First of all, dog goggles can protect your dog from injuries. Dogs with cataracts can become clumsy over time. During the process of developing cataracts dog’s vision changes, the vision becomes comprised, and dogs see from a grey or black perspective. The UV light can additionally compromise the dog’s vision. That is why many dogs become clumsy and bump into many objects in their surroundings. 

Our tip is to purchase goggles with built-in UV protection filters. Dog goggles without UV protection filters won’t lead to your desired results. 

Blind dogs are especially good candidates for goggles. Although blind dogs have other strong senses, at the beginning, they can act very lost in the environment. So these goggles will keep them safe as much as possible. 

Are Dog Goggles Scientifically Proven Effective for Cataracts?

There aren’t any scientific proofs that goggles work 100%. However, veterinarians concluded that UV light is harmful to dogs with cataracts. It worsens their vision, which is why many veterinarians recommend goggles for dogs with cataracts. 

Some breeds are more prone to eye-related health issues. So these dogs can benefit from wearing goggles from a very young age. 

However, you need to consult with your vet before purchasing dog goggles. In the end, remember that this is just an alternative treatment that can temporarily improve your dog’s vision. 

Even eye drops aren’t a solution for cataracts. The only acceptable solution for dogs with cataracts is surgery. 

What Should I Look for When Buying Dog Goggles?

You should keep a few factors in mind before purchasing the first pair of goggles. 

Not every goggles can have the same function. You should only look for goggles with a UV protection filter. 

Then, you should pick a suitable size for your doggo. For example, buying extra large goggles for your Chihuahua is not the best idea. Try to measure the dog’s head before buying goggles. 

Also, keep in mind the eyecup size.

Best Dog Goggles for Dogs With Cataracts

There are plenty of dog goggles with UV protection on the market. Therefore, we have compiled a short list of the best dog goggles for dogs with cataracts. 

Let’s take a look!

Best Overall

Enjoying Dog Goggles


These goggles are perfect for small to medium dogs. Its design is durable and can easily fit any dog breed. No matter the nose size, this product is easily adaptable. 

Additionally, this product has soft pads for improved comfort. Besides this, the design is super cool, and your dog will look pretty while wearing it. 

Best For Adventure

Nacoco Pet Anti-UV Glasses


This product is designed to prevent falling off with its pull strap design. From a veterinary perspective, we consider that the ventilation hole is the best feature. It prevents the lens from fogging and additionally prevents UV lights. 

The foaming pad on the inside can significantly improve your pet’s comfort. 

This product is highly recommended for medium to large dogs. We know that finding suitable goggles for large dogs is extremely hard. Therefore, this might be your best solution. 

Best For Small Breeds

Kailian Dog Goggles


Kailian is another great product on the market. It is windproof, waterproof, and dustproof. It can keep your pet during any adventure you choose. But most importantly, it will keep your pet safe from UV light. 

The product is made for small dog breeds and even cats. Cats want adventures as well, no? 

Its elastic strap is easily adjustable, and the inside cotton mat can provide extra comfort. 

Should You Buy Glasses for Your Dog’s Cataracts?

In our opinion, you should buy glasses for your dog’s cataracts. You will do more good than harm with it. Although there is a lack of scientific proof, many vets recommend goggles for eye-related issues. 

It will not cure the cataract itself, but it will improve your dog’s vision for a while. 

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best dog goggles for your pet. 

How Can My Dog Get Used to Dog Goggles?

Changes aren’t easy for our furry friends. Imagine what pops into their heads when they first try dog goggles. 

However, dogs with cataracts have worsened vision. Therefore, when they try goggles, they will fall in love with the colors of the world again. 

If your dog refuses to wear goggles, try mini-training for a while. Put him the goggles and then offer some delicious treats. Positive reinforcement is the best solution for stubborn dogs.

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