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What to Put on a Dog Tag for Your Pet (Complete Guide)


What to Put on a Dog Tag for Your Pet

Dog tags are crucial to keeping your dog safe, ensuring his return, and identifying your pooch away from home. These user-friendly tags can’t do their job if you don’t put the right information on them. 

You may be thinking, “How big a deal are these tags anyway? All dogs are microchipped nowadays.” And you’re right, but obtaining the data from a microchip is complicated, and a pet tag has all identifying info on display.

What should you put on these tags to thwart your dog’s getaway? Let’s see!

Don’t Forget This Stuff on Your Dog Tag

Your dog’s name is a very obvious identifier, but it can also be a huge detriment. How? Well, if your dog is super friendly and playful, a stranger that calls your dog’s name could potentially lure him away. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put the name on the pet tag, but maybe not have it be large enough for people to read from far away. 

If you want to be extra safe, leave the name off because chances are, only those with the intention of returning your pup will go to the trouble to find out his name.

Other pieces of info you can pick and choose to include are:

  • Your phone number – Add one that you’re most likely to answer, because trust us, you’re not gonna wanna miss this call
  • Your email – Hey, if it’s easier to reach you by email, then leave that instead of your number. We don’t know about where you are, but there are spam calls abound in some places
  • Your address and city – You can leave your address if it’s not too invasive, or just include the city, or both – whichever you feel more comfortable with. But we’re not going to lie, having your entire address increases the chances of a reunion
  • Medical info or needs – If you feel more comfortable, you can leave your vet’s info instead. A quick message about your dog’s special needs can also be helpful, such as, “suffers from epilepsy”, just so the good samaritan who found your dog can know how to better care for him in the meantime.
  • Microchip – There’s no harm in letting the person know that your dog is microchipped so they can get your pooch to the nearest vet
  • Extra message – If there’s room, you can add anything extra to incentivize your dog’s return or even offer a reward.

Not enough room to include everything? We get it, a traditional dog tag just doesn’t have the room, but you can circumvent this issue by going with a QR code dog tag!

Do I Need a Dog Tag? – Quick Quiz

We’re going to assume that everyone needs a dog tag. But if you really want to find out just how urgently you need one, you can answer these questions below.

  1. Do you currently own a dog?
  2. Do you let your dog off-leash in public areas where permitted?
  3. Has your dog ever wandered off/gotten lost before?
  4. Is your dog still working on his recall?
  5. Do you travel with your dog?
  6. Do you still need to get your dog microchipped?
  7. Have you ever found someone’s lost dog and had no way of contacting them and vice versa?
  8. Do the laws in your area require dog ID tags?
  9. Does your dog suffer from medical conditions that others need to be aware of in an emergency that occurs when you’re not present?
  10. Do you and your dog frequent places/areas where your dog is more likely to get lost? Eg. On hikes in more secluded areas

If you answered yes to number 1 already, then you need a dog tag. Honestly, if you answered yes to any of these questions, then we suggest getting a pet ID tag.

Pros and Cons of Dog Tags

Help them help you. Help the people who locate your lost dog, who must be very scared without his trusted pawrents, and return him to you. Here are the pros and cons of dog tags, because although they are mostly beneficial, there are some drawbacks.


Good news, all of these cons have easy solutions! Choose high-quality materials, and add a dog tag silencer, or just pick a tag made of silicone. 

Make sure the dog tag attachment you choose is secure, and hook the tags on the back ring (between his shoulder blades) of the dog harness instead. 


A dog tag definitely needs all the right info to increase the chances of your dog’s return. But none of it matters if the lettering is illegible. Make sure the engraving is clear and easy to read. 

You can always opt for a QR code pet tag to fit all the relevant information you can think of and even add a few adorable pics of your pooch. No matter what you choose, make sure to make things as easy as possible for the finder to reach you.

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