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Is Peppermint Essential Oil Safe for Dogs? (Topical / Aromatized)


Is Peppermint Essential Oil Safe for Dogs

Natural remedies don’t always mean safe remedies, especially when it comes to pets. So, is peppermint essential oil safe for dogs? Are there any side effects? 

Before you take any essential oil, either for you or your pet, remember to do your research. Not every natural remedy that is safe for you is safe for your pet as well. Let’s dig deeper and solve all your concerns!

How Much Peppermint Oil Is Toxic to Dogs?

Peppermint toxicity depends on the ingested or inhaled dose and the dog’s weight. Of course, if the poisoning is incidental it is very difficult to predict. 

According to ASPCA, peppermint oil and its main ingredient, mint, are considered toxic to pets. So, the intentional applying of peppermint oil is not the best idea. 

If peppermint oil usage is unavoidable, we advise using a good brand and small doses. This will keep your dog as safe as possible.  

Another tip for keeping your dog safe from ingesting or inhaling peppermint oil is the safe storage of essential oils. Our furry friends tend to explore our kitchens, and finding “forbidden” remedies is not our goal. Therefore, try to keep the peppermint oil as safe as possible. 

Is Diluted Peppermint Oil Safe to Spray Around Dogs?

The main ingredients of the peppermint essential oils are menthol and menthone.

Peppermint oil is considered toxic to dogs, but there are some theories that essential oils can be used as repellents. However, we don’t recommend it since there are many safer alternatives.

Peppermint oil can be diluted and sprayed around dogs. But there is always a possibility for adverse effects due to its toxicity. While some humans report alleviated headaches after inhaling peppermint oil, don’t expect many good effects on your pet. 

Properly diluted peppermint oil according to the vet’s recommendation might be safe. However, we don’t recommend experimenting with your pet’s health. Keep in mind, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC) peppermint oil is considered poisonous. 

Is Diluted Peppermint Oil Safe to Spray Around Dogs?

Tips for Diluting Peppermint Oil

In case of diluting, add only one drop to 50 drops of a safe carrier oil such as coconut or avocado oil. This will create safe dilution for your pet. Our advice is to keep the windows open as soon as you do this. Make sure to keep the door open in case your dog wants to leave the room. 

Believe it or not, there are certified animal aromatherapists that can help you create the proper dose for your dog. Also, it is important to choose the proper peppermint essential oil brand in case you decide to include it for your pet. If you are planning to dilute peppermint oil for your small puppy – abort the mission! Small puppies are anyways sensitive, and adding peppermint essential oil can do more harm than good. 

Can Dogs Be Allergic to Peppermint?

Allergies are very common in dogs, and peppermint essential oil can be one cause for it. Allergies usually occur when the oil is inhaled or ingested. 

If you notice an allergic reaction, you should contact a veterinarian. However, first aid shouldn’t be water rinse since it can do more harm. Try using carrier oil if you have it in your home. If not, visit the closest vet office. 

In humans, allergic contact lip inflammation can lead to some severe effects. 

Can Dogs Be Allergic to Peppermint

Peppermint Allergy Symptoms For Dogs

If this essential oil damages mucous membranes expect some severe symptoms. 

The most common symptoms include: 

Inhalation is another way of exposing, and in these cases, there are also some severe symptoms like: 

Symptoms of peppermint allergy by inhalation

In cases of difficulty breathing, we advise opening the windows or taking your dog out to catch some fresh breath. If your pet doesn’t feel better, immediately visit a vet. 

We don’t want to cause you panic, but high doses of peppermint oil can lead even to death. 

Does Peppermint Oil Kill Fleas?

It is indeed true that peppermint has great antimicrobial and repellent properties. 

Peppermint oil also has some great flea-repelling properties, but it shouldn’t be your first choice. There are many vet-approved products, so adding peppermint oil and risking your pet’s health it is not worth it. 

During the spring and summer seasons you should protect your pet from fleas properly. You can either buy flea collars or topical remedies and get rid of fleas very fast and safely. We believe that this will also be recommended by your vet compared to alternative options. 

In general, peppermint oil can alleviate skin inflammation in dogs. But still, there are other safe remedies for treating inflammation in pets. So, as long as you have easily accessible remedies for flea protection, don’t experiment and gamble with your pet’s health. 

Does Peppermint Oil Kill Fleas

Cautions Regarding Peppermint Oil in Flea Treatment

It is proven that essential oils can lead to improved overall health. Dogs infested with ticks can have better overall blood results and biochemical parameters. 

In general, peppermint can be effective against fleas. But is it really worth it? Bear in mind that serious infestations cannot be healed with peppermint essential oil and other alternative remedies. In such cases, vets recommend vet-approved products and remedies. 

Also, remember that even small dosage mistakes can lead to fatal consequences. 

One Japanese company created a mixture of essential oils including peppermint oil for a flea collar. However, there are much safer alternatives. 

Our tip: Never use undiluted essential oil if you decide to use it as a flea repellent. 

Dog Ate Peppermint Oil: What to Do?

Don’t worry, your pet is not the only one that ate or inhaled peppermint oil, so don’t put it all on you! 

In cases of peppermint oil toxicity suspicion, ask yourself the following: 

If you’ve witnessed the eating, then don’t wait. Take your dog to the vet. Even if there are no serious symptoms, we at Dogaspet advise vet consultation. 

There are many symptoms of peppermint oil poisoning and any pet parent can recognize them very easily. 

Dog Ate Peppermint Oil: What to Do

Diagnosing Peppermint Oil Poisoning 

There are many ways of diagnosing any disease, but the first step is always the same. As soon as you enter the vet office, be prepared for tons of questions. The goal of these questions is proper diagnosis. 

Then, the next step is a physical examination and checking for vital signs. After it, blood tests and urinalysis might be solid guidance for the final diagnosis. Also, enzyme results can rule out liver or kidney failure 

After getting the results, your vet can decide about the further treatment process. 

Whether the toxicity is incidental or intentional, don’t worry. There are a few treatment options when managed on time. 

Essential Oil Poisoning Treatment 

There are a few treatment options according to the severity of the case: 

Essential Oil Poisoning Treatments

Veterinarians never use this list of remedies at once. Everything is added according to the current health state of your pet. 

In cases of serious dehydration, your doctor will apply IV fluids and try to regulate electrolyte balance. Also, be prepared for serious appetite loss. But, don’t worry, if you manage it on time, your dog might be fine. It all depends on your dog’s current health status and the ingested or inhaled dose. 

The prognosis after the treatment highly depends on your discipline and your dog’s immunity. 

To Sum Up – Better Safe Than Sorry

We don’t recommend using peppermint essential oil, no matter the treatment purpose. Even using peppermint oil for its calming properties is not good for our furry friends. There are many ways to protect your pet during the spring and summer seasons. So, choose the safest variant. 

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