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Is Lavender Essential Oil Safe for Dogs?


Is Lavender Essential Oil Safe for Dogs

Our world is enchanted with a variety of scents, and we each have our own preferences. Some of us prefer the subtle sweet-smelling scent of geranium while others like fresh rose florals. One scent is often used holistically for humans and is infused within everyday household cleaners and detergents, and that is lavender.

What about in the canine world? Does lavender play as big a role, and is it safe to use? There is some debate (but not a lot), so let’s dive in and find out.

Can You Use Lavender Essential Oil on Dogs?

While lavender essential oils may be commonly used for aromatherapy and just to freshen up a room, there are some varying opinions from professionals regarding its effects on dogs. However, most would agree that lavender oil is safe to use on canines, but what can make it toxic is if the oil is used in excessive amounts and it could also cause skin irritation due to overexposure.

Essentially, if lavender oil is used correctly and diffused properly, it could provide your dog with the same calming and relaxing effects it does humans.

Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil for Dogs

There are numerous benefits to lavender essential oil for dogs thanks to its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and sedative properties for better sleep. It’s truly a wonder to think that something that is helpful for us can also be advantageous for our four-legged companions.

What it offers us is also what our pooches experience. Here are the most common reasons why we use lavender essential oils on our dogs.

Calming effects

Just like it does for some of us, lavender essential oil can be used to relieve stress and alleviate anxiety.


Sleeping aid

Lavender oil has mild sedative properties which could promote better sleep for you and your pooch.

Mild skin irritation relief

When there is a mild skin condition like a hot spot, properly diluted lavender oil could help soothe the area.


Natural pest repellent

While it smells great to most of us, lavender essential oil could be the opposite to pests and keep them at bay.


Odor neutralizer

No one we know is a fan of the infamous doggy smell, and lavender oil can be a big help in neutralizing the odor.


Skin and coat health

When used as part of your grooming routine, diluted lavender essential oil applied to your dog’s coat could help give it a healthier shine.


Wound care

Lavender essential oil has some cleaning properties, which could aid in skin regeneration for wounds and potentially reduce the risk of infections.


Infection management

Speaking of infections, it is believed that lavender oil could help stave them off, but more conclusive research is needed.

How to Use Lavender Essential Oil with Dogs

Using lavender essential oil with dogs can be a rewarding experience, but it requires care and proper application. There are a few ways you can apply it to your dog that are safe.

Topical application

One easy way is to apply the essential oil topically. This will require diluting the lavender with a base oil. We recommend organic vegetable oils or coconut oil, and the ratio should be 1:50, which means 1 drop of lavender essential oil to 50 drops of carrier oil.

Once the solution has been properly diluted, you can rub it on affected or sensitive areas. Remember that the introduction of anything new into your dog’s life needs to be done gradually, so don’t rush it!


Bath time fun

Diluted lavender oil can also make bathtime with your dog more fun, and he can come out smelling super fresh! All you have to do is use the same diluted concoction as the point above and add 2-3 drops to the bathwater.

Pawsome paw balm

You can also DIY your own paw balm! Lavender has soothing properties, which can really come in handy during brisk winters or scorching summers, whenever the weather is extreme enough to irritate your dog’s paws.

Coconut oil plus the lavender and maybe even some shea butter can help coat your dog’s paw pads and protect them from the elements.


Dog spray

Now that you’re on a DIY roll with your own bath scent and paw balm, why not take it a step further and create your own lavender dog spray? You can use it as an odor neutralizer and fur freshener. 

Use the same mixture you have created by diffusing the essential oil with a carrier oil and add 1 or 2 drops to a spray bottle depending on the size. Now you have a homemade mist you can use on your dog’s fur or around the house.


Odor neutralizer

You can also spritz your dog’s collar with the spray solution or rub a bit of the oil mixture on it to help alleviate anxiety when your pooch is out of the house. This could work very well as a travel aid for some!

Is Lavender Essential Oil Safe for Dogs in a Diffuser?

In short, yes! Lavender essential oil is safe for dogs in a diffuser, but some conditions apply. While some dogs may be able to handle the diluted scent without any problems, others may be more sensitive to strong smells, which could cause respiratory problems or skin irritations. Less is more in the case of essential oils, especially when you’re first testing them out.

dog next to oil diffuser with lavender

Essential oil diffusion also has the potential to overwhelm your pet by creating a highly concentrated environment. If you decide to use a diffuser near your dog, make sure the area is well-ventilated and keep a close eye on their behavior for any hints of essential oil poisoning.

Our suggestion is to invest in an ultrasonic diffuser, one that has intermittent settings to minimize prolonged exposure. Always use pure, high-quality lavender oil, and never confine your dog while the diffuser is working.

The best way to ensure safety is diffusing essential oils in a separate area where your dog can easily come and go. Before you even try introducing lavender oil into your dog’s healthcare routine, you should get the go-ahead from your trusted vet. 

Only the vet will have the best idea of your dog’s condition and whether or not it’s a good idea to subject him to essential oils.

What are Some Other Safe Essential Oils?

There is very limited research in the area of essential oils and their effects on dogs, but aside from lavender, these are the ones that are widely regarded as safe:

list of dog-safe essential oils for diffusers:

You may see other sites claiming that others are also safe, such as cedarwood, ginger, and even spearmint. We only recommend the six above just to be on the safe side as research is still lacking and there are strong voices out there for both sides of the argument for other essential oils.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We are coming to the end of this post, but before that – let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to dog id tags.

Yes, you can put diluted lavender essential oil on a dog’s paws for relief. Make sure to only use a small amount and try to prevent your dog from licking it off.

Lavender oil should only be diffused for inhalation, and the diffuser should only be placed in a well-ventilated area. Your dog should have the freedom to come and go as he pleases to avoid overexposure.

No, dogs should never ingest any essential oil even in small amounts. That is the one thing to remember if you’re considering using essential oils as a part of your fur baby’s healthcare routine.

Yes, you can find dog shampoos with lavender infused or you can create your own lavender-scented shampoo by adding a drop or two into unscented pet shampoo. Remember that the lavender oil needs to be heavily diluted before use.


Lavender oil is generally regarded as a safe solution for your dog and it can promote various health benefits.

The only things to remember are the dosage and usage. Remember to dilute the oil in enough carrier oil and to use it sparingly in small amounts. Introduction to the new oil should be gradual and you have to monitor your dog closely for potential side effects. 

Lavender is a captivating scent, and it would be nice to have a dog that can enjoy the delicate floral smell, but just remember to be safe!

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