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Is Ginger Essential Oil Safe for Dogs? (Topical / Aromatized)


Is Ginger Essential Oil Safe for Dogs

Ginger isn’t everyone’s favorite ingredient in food, but the health benefits are indisputable. Ginger shots are often used for cleansing and as an immune system boost, and with plenty of research to back it up, the advantages of ginger intake are clear. What about when it comes to essential oil (EO)? Will ginger essential oils provide the same benefits they do to humans in essential oil form on dogs?

While there is still a lot of research necessary on this front, let’s explore what we do know about ginger EOs on our beloved pets.

Is Ginger Essential Oil Safe for Your Dog?

The big question is if the essential oil is safe for our dogs. It’s also a query that has garnered a lot of attention among experts and pet parents alike. Holistic cures are more appealing to many of us because our pets are more than companions, they are valued family members. Relying on a gentler and more natural way to alleviate discomfort for our pets is something we would prefer.

Yes, ginger essential oil is considered safe for dogs by many, but only if it’s used and diluted correctly. We must start with small amounts and introduce it gradually into the dog’s healthcare routine and make sure you get vet approval first.

Always monitor your dog closely to make sure there are no adverse effects. Your dog’s safety and well-being should always be taken seriously and guide the use of using any essential oil.

Is Ginger Essential Oil Safe for Your Dog

Is Ginger Essential Oil Safe for Dogs to Inhale? 

Yes, ginger essential oil is safe for dogs to inhale through diffusion. The EO must be used in very small amounts and we suggest opting for high-quality oils and a good diffuser. Remember what we mentioned about diffusing the oil in a well-ventilated space? We also advise not doing it directly next to your dog.

While inhalation is generally safe if done right, we still suggest against doing it too often, with too much, and definitely do not do direct inhalation.

Can Dogs Ingest Ginger Essential Oil?

There still needs to be more research done in this area and it’s important to remember that ginger essential oil is not the same as real ginger. While there are many accounts that ginger the actual root is good for dogs, we would advise against letting your dog ingest the EO, or any EO.

Usually, administering essential oils directly or in excess can be dangerous and at times even poisonous for dogs. 

How to Use Ginger Essential Oil on Your Dog

There are a couple of ways you can integrate ginger essential oil into your dog’s life. These methods apply to any essential oil deemed safe for dogs.

How to Use Ginger Essential Oil on Your Dog

Topical Application

When used topically, ginger essential oil can provide a localized approach to address various issues such as muscle tension and joint discomfort. Before any type of essential oil should come into contact with your dog, pawrents need to dilute it at a ratio of 1:50 (one drop EO and one drop carrier or base oil).

The solution can then be added to water and used as a spray or used directly on your dog. It’s essential to conduct a patch test first on a small area to make sure your dog doesn’t react negatively.


The other common method of essential oil application is through diffusion. This is preferred if your dog’s skin is extra sensitive. Essential oil diffusion is a non-invasive way to introduce the EO.

When diffusing, make sure you do it in a well-ventilated space with clear exits for your dog if the aroma gets overwhelming. Ginger oil diffusion is great for its calming effects, and it even helps with nausea, as it does for humans as well.

Diffusion is not the best method for dogs with respiratory difficulties, so make sure to consult with your trusted vet before trying it out.

Ginger Essential Oil Uses for Dogs

What exactly does your dog get from ginger essential oil? Let’s find out!

Digestive Aid

Ginger essential oil is known for its ability to help with digestion. It may help alleviate indigestion, bloating, and nausea in dogs. Diluted ginger oil can be used on the tummy or added to a diffuser to create a soothing environment.


Joint Support and Muscle Tension

The warming properties of ginger essential oil can be beneficial for dogs dealing with arthritis, muscle tension, and joint pain. Diluted ginger EO can be applied topically to the affected areas, for a warming and soothing sensation.

Nausea Relief

Dogs can experience motion sickness or nausea just like us. Inhaling the aroma of ginger essential oil, using a pet-safe diffuser, may help alleviate discomfort.


Respiratory Support

When used with caution and professional guidance, ginger essential oil can potentially provide some respiratory support for dogs. Again, asking your vet for advice is the best way to deal with breathing issues.



The aroma of ginger itself can create a relaxing and peaceful environment for your pooch, as long as there is a visible exit for when things get too much.


Skin and Coat Health

Some pet owners have found that ginger essential oil, when diluted properly, can contribute to maintaining healthy skin and fur.

Does Ginger Essential Oil Help with Earaches for Dogs? 

This is a question that’s asked more often now and while research is still insufficient, we can surmise that ginger’s anti-inflammatory and soothing properties can have a positive effect on earaches for dogs.

Again, this is considered a home remedy and must be done with caution. In fact, ask your vet first before trying.

Does Ginger Essential Oil Help with Earaches for Dogs

Dogs’ Upset Stomach and Ginger Essential Oil 

Since ginger can help with nausea and digestion, how about an upset stomach? There is a chance that ginger essential oil can be of use in this department. If your vet says it’s okay to try, it must be done carefully. The EO must be diluted properly and either used topically or diffused, whichever method your vet suggested.

Although using essential oils may be an excellent supplemental treatment, we would advise against relying on them for a cure.

Is Ginger Essential Oil Safe for Dogs with Bad Breath? 

Ginger has a way of neutralizing unpleasant odors, which leads many people to question whether or not it could help with bad breath. Doggy breath is no joke and you can brush your dog’s teeth every day and the smell will still linger.

What some dog parents may not know is that the cause of the bad breath may not just be in the mouth. Yes, it could be bad dental hygiene and other oral issues, but poor digestion and diet could be the culprits as well. 

Now we know that ginger can help with upset tummies, so its reputation for digestive support and odor neutralization can potentially yield a positive impact too. However, since ingesting essential oils is not advised, we would say using ginger itself would be a safer, better and more effective approach. Just remember to ask your vet first!

Is Ginger Essential Oil Safe for Dogs with Bad Breath


Ginger essential oil can be used as a natural avenue to enhance the well-being of our canine companions. It can be used either topically or administered through diffusion to address various issues, but responsible use and cautious consideration are key. 

Ginger is anti-inflammatory, digestive, and soothing. Research in the use of essential oils on our fur babies is still ongoing, and as we continue exploring holistic options, ginger essential oil is one of the safer and more effective EOs to add to the toolkit of natural remedies.

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