Coral Dawn Drake

Professional Writer

Coral Drake has been working with dogs throughout her adult life and professionally writing about them for six years. Coral managed a dog daycare where she cared for dogs engaged in active group play.

Coral has also volunteered extensively with shelter dogs. She was faced with difficult choices and occasional heartbreak when dogs she worked with struggled with behavioral concerns in a rapidly filling municipal shelter. She tells these stories and offers advice to other volunteers in her blog, Rescue Dog Home.

At the University of Florida Small Animal Hospital, Coral was a client service liaison for the integrative medicine, neurology, and zoology services. With the assistance of the talented integrative medicine and neurology teams, Coral cared for a paralyzed King Charles Cavalier who had been surrendered by his owners. Using what she learned from that experience, she authored a book about caring for paralyzed dogs: Owning a Paralyzed Dog – The Complete Care Guide:

Coral also co-wrote The Complete Guide to the Maltese: Choosing, Raising, Training, Socializing, Feeding, and Loving Your New Maltese Puppy.

Coral writes for a number of dog-related publications, including:

  • DogsPlanet
  • Dogviously
  • Embora Pets
  • Not a Bully
  • Horizon Structures

Coral Dawn Drake

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