AnimoGoods™ Dog Nail Scratch Board With Treat Box

"Nail filing solved"

Custom Tote Bag

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What Do our Customers Think?

"Easy to read instructions"

Comes with instructions and tips for fast learning!

Our packaging includes tips and tricks to make the learning phase a smooth process for both you and your dog!

"Feels Sturdy"

Made from High quality Wood that is eco-friendly!

Our customers told us the scratchboard “feels sturdy” and is “well-made”, on top of that it is also eco-friendly as the trees are replanted! 


Frequently Asked Questions

The treat compartment is located on the scratchboard. Simply place treats inside the compartment, and your dog will be motivated to use the scratchboard to access the treats. By opening the compartment to reward your dog you will condition your dog to scratch the board.

Yes, our scratchboard is designed to accommodate dogs of various sizes.

Absolutely! Our scratchboard is made from pet-safe materials and is designed to be gentle on your dog’s nails and paws. However, always supervise your dog to make sure he wont eat the board.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your dog doesn’t take to the scratchboard, you can return it for a full refund.

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